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  1. This gave me a good laugh :laughing: :smoke::smoke:

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  2. It's funny because he didn't answer her question right!
  3. LOL... I've done this before. Several times.
  4. Haha. I live in MA and there used to be a 5% sales tax. I worked at mcdonalds and people would always come in high and get 4 things off the dollar menu, amounting to 4.20.. They would always think it was the most amazing thing ever.."whoaaa 420 heeheeheehee *om nom nom*"
  5. Damn I wish my state had 5% sales tax instead of 6. Not because it would be cheaper, but just for 4.20 to come up more often. You pretty much have to try to do it with 6% tax
  6. i used to get blackout drunk and stumble over ro mcdonalds. ive probably done that before
  7. That is how my wife answers questions! I saved it, to show her later.

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