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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wattew, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. Hi all...

    Just thought id keep you all posted , take a look at my week old babys, hope they look ok? ill send some more pics in a few weeks hopefully.

    c ya wattew
  2. you forget the pics...lol...Peace out......Sid
  3. Yep having trouble with it a mo sorry, im still trying
  4. here you go

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  5. And another...

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  6. HIGH All, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh so cute.....so young and tender mmmmmmmm.
  7. aaaawwwwwww it's a baby, it's sooo cute.......lol......i love seeing the little ones develop, and grow and flourish/flower......

    and then i chop them down and smoke them........lol........nice pic........Peace out.........Sid
  8. I hope so sid, I know there is alot of debate about how long to veg for, Im growing big bud and woundered in your opinion how long should i veg for? Also how long does big bud flower for?
  9. the veg time is dependent on the height of the growroom.......as for Big Bud, try this for info on any strain, and some info from people who have grown it........

    www.cannagenetics.com ..........Peace out...........Sid
  10. Hi All

    As said the plants seem to be doing well, however i may be too stoned to realize, but they are really thin and flimzey they are about 2 inches tall and very very slim, is this normal ??????
  11. looks fine, just keep the lights nice and close if it's fluros, you want to save as much light as possible as well, do you have it/them in a growbox?.........Peace out..........Sid
  12. Yep im growing in 6ft by 3ft wardrobe. 120watts of fluro, I only have 3 plants. I still cant find out how long to veg for, that sight was ok but it did not give any ideas of veg time on big bud.
  13. vegn is up to you. i think you will find with indoor grows where space is mostly limited, most go 5-6 weeks. others who have the luxury or room and just the possibility of a slap on the wrist, normally exceed that time frame. after that time period, and strain dependent, you can flower anywhere for 8-11 weeks, i think in some instances longer. im not sure because i like to shoot for the 8-9 week flower range. so there you go, whole process from seed lil over 4 mos. from clone 10-12 weeks, hope that helps. my 20 day ol plant sig could prolly help you out a lil.
  14. Hi..

    About how tall my plants are getting and how they look like there going to fold in half any min. Should i strap them to a support, or shall i just leave them...

  15. what type of light are you using and how far away are your pots from the source? you can add a small fan to your box to circulate and strengthen the stem. just dont put the fan too close, it can kill your seedlings :)
  16. Im using 120watts of fluro, and they are about 1 inch away from plants as there is hardly any heat!
  17. HIGH All, aaahhh no!!! Can you take a pic? A number of things come to mind as to why your baby is leaning...needs transplanting, damping O.F.F.F. which you get when the soil is Always wet.

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