take a look bottom leaves browning falling off advice?

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  1. the bottom leaves 6 days into budding not sexed yet not worried and bottomw leaves look terrible

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  2. she's definitely sick. her leaves shouldnt be drooping like that either.

    she is eitehr hot, underwatered, maybe overwatered, or the ph is fucked up.

    one of those probably.
  3. now that I look at it better, pictures 3 and 4 she looks fine. I bet she came from a clone and those are the older and original leaves, if that is the case, that is normal.

    Another possibility is that she was over watered and now that problem is corrected and she is dumping the damaged leaves.
  4. yeah she was over watered now im not watering her as much to fix the problem but the leaves spot then crinkle up and drie up idk if thats bud its 5 days into budding 1212 so im just working on what i can in mg moistre control 3 month time realease soil plnted st.patricks day original from seed
  5. Remember that leaves dont heal themself, once they are damaged they stay that way, she is probably just dropping them, you can help her along by clipping them off. then you can watch to makesure the damage isnt still going on.
  6. question could this be bugs? have lil spider mite prob n i dk havent seen them since i been under wateing but have had few fungus nats seen and mites... but not since flowering
  7. and i have clippedthem :) andv water not much twice a day
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    Don't ever clip leaves unless their growing mold. Let the plant drop them naturally. If the leaf requires more than a gentle tug to remove it the plant is still using it.

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