Take a look at this pic next time you're high..

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by seven, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. [​IMG]

    I made this with bryce 5... took about 2 days to render

    lemme know what you think of it

    [edit] yes, it's huge. deal with it ^.^
  2. at least make it moniter size so i can see the whole thing at once?

    other wise it is very shiny!
  3. I have a big monitor lol ;P
  4. that's some trippy shit, it reminds me of looking up while scuba diving watching all your bubble rise to the shimmering surface.
  5. dude, this rocks... i like to get real stoned and real close to the monitor... wwwwhoooooo thanks bro.
  6. I felt like waking up, and first thing i see, a lot of aliens, in their own suits, releasing their breath, staring at me, and saying "Oh, he awoke" in their tongue. And they´re from a planet underwater, and that is cool.

    really cool pic man.
  7. christmass makes my balls ich!!
  8. last year they bitched so much about the tree i cut down ...

    i had to hang a sing on it saying "quitcherbitchin"

    just cus it had a little bald spot....

    what do you expect when you tell a man to cut down a tree affter they are all covered in snow allready!!!
  9. god dam shit heheheh that makes you think its like looking up from the bottom of the sea or some shit like that

    thats coo how the hell you do that

  10. HIGH?????? not to be mean butt....dumass! how about trippin, rollin, anything BUT high... i hope your not implementing your suppose see sumthin!!
    pot's a simulant, not a halousanagin!! phat pic though..
  11. That's a super tight picture!! Very cool!
  12. it so zapped me back to the one and only time i fried...i was laying in bed watching my thoughts bubble out of my head...all the images and things that passed thru my mind left into space from right between my eyes...and they looked like that...whoa...lol

    and just as a point of record...i, for one, have been so high i hallucinated...it was tuff...

  13. To jade420
    Actually pot can be a halousanagin!! But who really gives a damn, not me! Respect the green!
  14. what kind of bud makes you hallucinate? and where can i get some?? i would just as soon swallow a tab or two if it wasn't for that pesky comedown, gotta hate that shit

  15. YES weed is an Hallucinogenic look it up mate :p opps just noticed heaps of you peeps tod that peep that it is a Hallucinogenic lol
  16. I've only hallucinated once while high. We smoked some of my friend's stuff, can't remember what strain, though (too high to remember). Anyways, I was seeing the heads of all the former US Presidents flying around my room. It was trippy as hell......

  17. not to be mean, but who are you calling a dumbass?

    pot IS listed as a hallucinogenic...

  18. acid's not so bad... just use in moderation :D

    i've tripped off weed once. my friend and i each smoked a goddie (totally empty a philly blunt without cracking it, then pack it with broken up buds) in his minivan. his was filled with mids, mine was filled with some insane danks.

    by the way... i love the pic =)
  19. Yeah... its not that yall are halucanating looking at that... It just looks doper when your high because of perceptioon or someting

  20. exactly... i meant to say something along those lines, but forgot, lol. stml ;)

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