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    Hey guys, I am getting all my supplies ready, so I will be able to grow 4 auto strain plants indoors and I just wanted all of you to take a look and tell me what you think. Should all of this do the trick for the 4 plants I will be growing?


    My supplies -

    4 x Lowlife Automatic AK47 FEMINISED Autoflowering Hybrids

    4 x 3 Gallon Plastic Pots

    1 x FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil

    1 x FoxFarm Trio Nutrients (Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom)

    1 x SuperThrive Plant Vitamins And Minerals

    1 x Euro Reflector (6" Inline), EasyCool 6" Reflector, or CoolTube 6" Reflector

    1 x Grow Tent - Mother Keeper 48 x 20 x 48 ( Two 4" Vent Ports, Three 6" Vent Ports, Two 6" Vent Flanges, Two 5" Vent Ports, Three Bottom Vent Flaps) or a Bud box grow and dry tent - Midi 75x75x160cm

    1 x 400 Watt Metal Halide Bulb

    1 x 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium Bulb

    1 x Digital Electronic 400 watt HPS & MH Ballast

    1 x GrowBright 6" Inline Fan & Charcoal Filter



    1. - I listed 2 certain types of grow tents that I want to buy and I am wondering, which one do you think will be better to grow 4 plants in?

    2. - Ventilation and oder are my biggest concerns and I would very much appreciate if someone could tell me if the filter and fan I bought for Ventilation and oder control are good enough for my grow room and do I need an exhaust fan? If so, what brand and what kind?

    3. - Since you should now know how big my grow area will be, what kind of lights I am using, and how many plants I will be growing, would you refer me to get the Euro reflector, CoolTube 6" Reflector, or the EasyCool 6 Reflector?

    Side Note - I am not trying to have something were all the smelly air gets exhausted through a whole to the ouside of my house. I just want a set up were the marijuana smelling air gets clean by the carbon filter or w/e, so I don't smell a thing.


    I really appreciate all the help guys, I have been doing research for quite some time now and have learned a ton from GrassCity.
  2. I have one of the euro reflectors and it is a pretty decent little unit. In a rectangular grow tent it would work awesome. I converted a bedroom over to a grow room so the reflector casts a bit too narrow of a light band for my setup.

    As far as the odor goes I use an O3 generator and it works like a champ. I have it on a timer to kick on 15min and then off for an hour and it kills the scent perfectly. They take up a lot less space and are a lot quieter.

    If you are going to spend the money i'd go bigger on the light personally. It isn't that much more to get a 1000w setup and with the air cooled setup you shouldn't have any heat issues. My two cents worth anyway///

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