take a look a these shots and help me judge if ready or not this is my first harvest

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  1. hey guys i need some advice on whether my girl is ready for harvest or not this is my very first harvest so im really goin into it with advice and research. i really dont want to screw up so please help. i have 30 good size buds and 30 popcorn buds on an indoor grown bag seed from some headies. when you see her you will know why i dont want to mess up so please give me some help. please and thank you i think she is a week to 2 from harvest but its a guess and still not sure how to flush without drowning her and how to cure

    thanks guys and gals for any help you can give me

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  3. thanks a mill how bout the darkness method before harvest, and how do u flush without drowning her?
  4. Flushing is still debatable in most circles. I usually feed only molasses water the last two weeks. If I have a 5 gallon pot then I usually put 2-3 gallons of molasses water every 3-5 days until I harvest. I don't think there is a textbook way to flush your plants.
  5. I thnk 2-3 weeks youll see the difference dont rush them theyll start to swell up alot goodluck

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