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  1. i was wandering how many bottles of water it would take to fullfill the water requirements for a plant in a 5 gallon bucket. i water my plants using water bottles carried in a book bag, but im not sure how many it take to sufficiently water the plants when they are dry. considering that the plants need water (when the first 3 or so inches are dry), how many little 17 ounce water bottles would take to correctly water the plant. they are in basic potting soil mix. i have been using about two bottles per bucket when they need a drink, but i wanted to hear other peoples thoughts on how many would be needed, just a rough guess. i dont want to be underwatering, or visa versa, when i should be giving them more, u know what i mean. i know there are other variables, but does 2 seem like enough for a complete, deep watering so that the roots will follow the water down and grow strong....thanks alot
  2. For the past 3 years my ladies here have needed 6 litres of water a day each.

    I would hate to have to carry that any distance.

    I have a tap on my terrace, I fill up a few buckets each day and let the water sit for 24 hours, gets rid of the chlorine.
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    It depends on how big the plant is and at what stage it is in life..... My plants at full size usually drink a gallon to 2 gallons a day. Considering that a gallon of water weighs 8 pounds that would be way to much to carry to your plants every day. My grow spots are all near streams, rivers, or ponds so that I don't have to carry water very far. The 2 things that MJ plants like is lots of sun shine and lots of water. The more of both you give them the better they do..... If you under water it will only make your plants smaller and your yield less.

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  4. Tons of light is an easy one to get, i've realized.. what's really hard to come by is alot of water.. not that it's not available but because either it's too heavy to carry or you don't want to be too suspicious going to a random place every day.. if you can grow at your house you'll always get better yield cuz you can totally baby em.. i gotta do it far away in a place that i'm probably suspicious just going to but it's way slooth.. as long as no cars see me..

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