Take 4 Bong Rips, sit back, and listen to this song

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  1. You won't regret it

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d6q3caSO0A]YouTube - Deep Purple - Son Of Alerik[/ame]

    Fucking Deep Purple man....gotta love em
  2. Nice, the original Mark II lineup.

    By far my favorite lineup in DP.

    Machine Head/Made in Japan FTW.
  3. It is really sad that this is on page 2
  4. deeeeeeeeeeeep purple. nice brother.
  5. Wow that was amazing.

  6. that's what i said
  7. This deserves to be on Page 1
  8. i like deep purple but i havent heard that song yet, but ill wait til i get high :)
  9. I remember picking up the perfect stranger vinyl at a record shop and been very disappointed after finding out Sons Of Alerik was even on it.
    Guess I should have looked at the track list first dam.:(:cry:

    but still fucken awesome song.

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