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    Anyone tried this? How they look/grow? Yield maybe?
  2. Hit up. Anyone?
  3. I have a few of these seeds, just have yet to germinate them. Purchased 5 femd and killed two on accident =(
  4. Got a pack of these myself from GHS and all five germinated within 48hrs or so with the paper towel method which I sat on a wet sponge to ensure constant moisture and humidity. One of the germinated seeds I planted failied to grow which may have been my fault anyhow. People who have grown this variety have said that is does not autoflower as stated on the packet and this has caused indoor growers much consternation with plants too big for their growrooms. Outside they should still flower ok though just maybe not as soon as stated on the pack, new stock has arrived in the UK which may have fixed this. Should be a nice smoke and yield being crossed with the power plant strain and I am looking forward to smoking some this harvest. Would be nice to see how you go with these seeds if you have purchased them already. Good luck.

    Keep it green.
  5. Ive planed it on this year's outdoor but still i dont have good place so I must planted my Taigas in micro growbox. Do You think that LST and maybe small FIM is enough for 50cm height?

    I have 3 Taigas fem and one Diesel Ryder reg f2. Taigas germanited in 48 hours, the second species had more trouble :p

    If someone want - I can write sometimes about that because I see that nobody really know what it is + opinions about false autoflow.

    Sorry for my english by the way ;)
  6. hey these are all good, i got 50 seeds in september, and 42 of them are almost finished flowering now, just a few more weeks to boost the resin, hehe..

    all autoflowed after about a month, all females. they're about 10 to 16 inches tall,, and in 10" pots, though you could fit them in 6 to 8" pots for a tighter SOG. Most of them have one main stem.

    I'm looking for at least an ounce of most of the plants, though some of them are total weaklings. most of the seeds where good quality though.
    Thats the only bad thing i can find with the autoflowering strains- you cant take cuttings from the best to grow your own stock from mother plants. so it all depends on the seedstock!

    I've had them on 18 hrs of light since germination, and i'm growing pretty intensivley in coco/soil mix, drip fed with Canna and Vitalink fertiliser.

    Anyone tried the Smurfberry yet?
    I'm not sure wether to go again with Taiga, or try Tundra or smurfberry next...

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