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    ok firtly this is my first grow journal here at gc so if im doing sumit wrong just say im cool with good advice !! lol well i receaved my beens today from attatude after ordering fri so pretty good , ive got my beens between some wet towel and put inside a dvd case and neer the heater at a steady 27 c.;) ive started
    1x reserva prevada og18
    4x tahoe og from cali conection
    3xcalifonia dreaming , not sure the breeder ???
    1xdinafem power kush
    1xcream caramelle by sweet seeds
    1xblack jack from sweet seeds .:D ill be growing using 400mh to veg under then 1200 hps for flowering . growing organiclly with plant magic soil,plant magic. old timers grow and bloom
    plant magic rooting granuals
    plant magic root stim
    plant macic bio silicon
    plant magic catalist , sea weed extract
    plant magic bio wetter , yukka extract
    plant magic essance
    epsom salts
    lyles black treacle us equivalent is black strap mollassas !
    ill be back here tomorow evening to update a few pics of somthing !!! lol
    so if you have any experiance in growing any of these strains please pull up a chair and feel free to advise as im no master grower and id be greatfull for good input !! hope to catch up wit ye all real soon ! peace ! uk420grower!!! :metal:
  2. ok still a lone rider for the moment hope some one joins me at some point lol anyway day 2 all beens have germed and have them in there starter cups and into my veg room under my 400mh . yes its a big light for the beens but i use this every time and have it neer on 4 ft away till there 10 days old also i have them under aglass screan to stop from getting bunt . so its all about waiting for them to show there heads so ill be back fri night hopfully then ill have the pics of them in there first pots . peace !
  3. ok still just me my self and i . checked all beens today and all apart from 2 are out and there shells of , the other 2 are through the surface just have to shed there shells and were cookin wit gas!!! ill upload pics tomorow of all 13 up and moving with a little help from our canna gods!! so till next update , peace!!
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    ok sorry ive not been on in awhile bat as i promised im back to update my journal!!! heres some pics over last 2 weeks got more strains going now , added 3 more cream caramel 3 lemon skunk !! :Dok theres a few fe first when they were small then again with the other strains growing along with them !! here also 1 of my current plants in flower show you what im going to do with these babies !!!!! hope to soon have someone intreasted in my journal but till now there was nothing to see so with bit of luck few people will pop there heads round the doar !!! would love some back up from growers experianced in the og kush strains and any of the strains im growing !!! hope all your own grows are coming alog good !! heres to keeping it the highest of high !!!! peace:wave:

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