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  1. i want to post my ganja related tag but cant figure out my scanner could someone plz tell me how thanx

  2. what kind of scanner do you have?
  3. its an epson stylus scan 2500 if that means anything its a printer copier scanner dealie thanx
  4. There should be a button on your scanner that says "Scan"
    Put your pic in the place you want it, and press the button...a program should come up asking you if the scan is acceptable and where you want to save it
  5. i tried to do that but its being french any other ideas sorry for bein a pain in the ass
  6. Have you tried using the software that came with it? I have an HP scanner/printer/copier dealie and it came with software so I could scan directly from my PC, without pressing a button....maybe Epson gives a program like that too
  7. ill look right now thank you for helping me out hopefully ill get this stupid thing working real soon
  8. You're welcome...I hope it works :D
  9. i found microsoft picture it and managed to get the scanner to work im sorry this was a huge waste of time i got carried away trying to post some handstyles ill do some more in class on monday then post those to make up for wasting everyones time (especially you hempress) please give me some feedback on what kinda stuff to make for posting
  10. meh, it wasn't a waste of time...how else are you gonna learn except by asking questions? I hope I helped at all....plus, I wanna see those pictures you were talking about :D
  11. finnally ill smoke a blunt to the face then just write and post anything interesting tommorow to malke up for this to be perfectly honest i havent been doing this for too long so i suck and i was really hoping other people would post their stuff thanx


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  12. Here's 1 ov my tagz

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  13. i wish i had a scanner, nice pics 420 shade!
  14. Ben post more if u need i can scan um for u.

  15. Who's Ben?

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