Tag lights are pointless

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  1. Well a few days ago I got pulled over for having an expired registration. So naturally I took it to get inspected. I failed because of my tag lights. So I got them fixed and moved on with the inspection.

    But now...... I can't help but try and think of one reason why you need tag lights. I can't. Not one damn reason. You don't need them in the day....for obvious reasons....and you don't need them at night. It's called fucking HEADLIGHTS..... ya know?

    why make it mandatory when there is no reason to have it?
    am I missing something?
  2. so when a red light camera see's your plate it can also give you a ticket for expired registration...duh

  3. They have a flash on them.
  4. so that cops can read it at night.
  5. [quote name='"likealoyal"']so that cops can read it at night.[/quote] this is what i always assumed they were for too
  6. its so anyone can read your plate number.

    it is also illegal so let it get dirty. you can be ticketed for not being able to read it cause its dirty
  7. It's called a "nothing stop" . . . . ;)
  8. headlights for a cop car illuminate the license plate well enough don't they?
  9. Yeah but say a cop is watching for speeders, sees you pass, and can't read your license plate and you are a subject stealing a car? Yeah, that person would never see their car again...
  10. what if someone drove by and shot up your house at night, but you were able to look out the window and get their license tag because it was illuminated.

  11. Would a spotlight work? I know not all cop cars have them, but a good amount do. that's one use i guess

    ok you win. tag lights have a purpose

  12. Lol, I mean a spotlight would work just fine, but then I'd be running into this huge beam of light as I pass a cop, and not to mention he'd also be giving away his position xD

    There really is no way around a tag light, just let the government regulate whatever laws they want, they don't listen to us anyway.

    Happy Tokin'!

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