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    Show off your taco's

    Nothing special just a 2012 reg cab 4x4. Plan on fitting as many lights as possible on her.

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  2. What i expected is not what was delivered.

    But that is a nice truck.
  3. I expected food...
  4. Thanks. I was never into cars or trucks but im really getting into it.
  5. I had a Taco, a white, 4X4, TRD, extended cab. Fucking hated it. After I drove my wifes Land Cruiser, the Taco in comparsion was a real pile of shit. So I got rid of it and got a Land Cruiser.

    It was a nice truck in it's own right, but compared to the Cruiser it had no game.

  6. I expected vag tbh
  7. I expected a car shaped like a taco
  8. I expected a Toyota Tacoma. I feel weird now.
  9. i expected racist mexican stereotypes, but im also a very bad person :cool:

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