Taco leaves and burns

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  1. Upon reading some about these issues, I'm thinking maybe flushing the plants will help? I haven't flushed them at all, should I? How long should I flush them if so?




  2. What are your Temps.?
  3. In the First pic I can see some burned tips. If they are in soil a good flush wouldn't hurt. I know my plants always love it.
    If you have 3 gallon pots than you want to rinse them with 6-9 gallons of water. General rule is flush 2-3 times the size of your pot. Just dump it in and let it drain. Probably best to do it in the bathtub or outside if you can.
  4. They're in bubble buckets with FloraNova nutes.

    Temps are ~68-82*

    pH has been 5.6-6.0 for the entirety of the grow. They're about 2-3 weeks into flower now.
  5. Ahh. I don't run hydro. Might want to ask Rumpleforskin about that. You can do it on his DIY for bubble buckets. You might need to change the solution with some fresh stuff. But I guess you would do that after the flush.

    82 is kinda high. Could be raising the water temp. Plants don't like that too much!
  6. What u have is alot of leaf,,and with that sum leaves do not get enough light and look alittle limp,,no biggie. The other leaf is the same issue leaf's will over lap and sweat,,with out enough air movement. So over time between the leaf sweat and heat damage starts to occur @ that point and will brown and die but doesnt spread any further. Juz my 2 cents:smoking:
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    I dunno if this is caused by lack of light or air movement. The ones with what look like burns are top leaves, if anything they get too much light (the 1000w light is a couple feet above the plants, so they probably aren't getting too much). There are 2 fans inside that always run and cover the whole grow area so I know they're getting enough airflow as well.

    The 82* is the max temp, and it's during time like right now; the lights are off, but it's still pretty warm in there cuz it's pretty warm outside. The light doesn't turn on until 8pm, and it's less than 80 when the light is on. Plus there's quite a bit of air movement.
  8. Anyone else have any ideas?
  9. Do you foliar feed or spray them at all?

    If so, than sometimes the water droplets will act like magnifying glasses and leave burn spots on the leaves.

    I know just changing the res solution will make them feel better. I don't think that's what's causing the burned spots though.

    I know sometimes I get a bug or two that make it onto the plants and will eat a little bit of a leaf. Kinda looks like what you got but the area that was eaten wont start to die for a few days.
  10. im not a hydro guy either, but whats your ppm? i think i see a couple things that look familiar though. in the third pic down, it looks like tiger stripes interveinial. for me that was the beginning of a mag deficiency. in the last pic it looks like she has too much nitrogen maybe. a change of water with some bloom and micro nutes should get her on her way. my $.02.
  11. The leaf edges curling down and the upper leaves clawing over are all signs of over-fert (too much N). If your plants are a dark/deep green, this is another nod in that direction. I suspect your ppms are a little high, in which case a weaker nute solution should help. I'd run straight water for a day or two until those leaves burn off the stored up nitrogen. If I'm right you may have some more burning on the way before it's all done.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
  12. Finally! Advice from one of the masters.:hello:

  13. Cool deal, thanks. I figured it was a little high, someone told me to run them at a particular ppm and if the concentration goes up then the ppm is too high; the ppm had been rising every day when I was running 700-800ppm. At what ppm should they be running abouts? I was thinkin of putting them in 600 after flushing, should it maybe be even lower?
  14. It's hard to say without knowing more grow info, but yeah if 700-800 is doing this, I'd say resume at 400-600 after a little break, look for some pale as a sign they're hungry and want more.

    Good luck!

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