Taco Bell Employee Licks Taco Shells, Post Photo To Facebook.

Discussion in 'General' started by colorado4, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. This guy licks a stack of taco's and then post the photo on facebook, how stupid can you be?
    It was in Ridgecrest, CA, so if any of you live there and ate at taco bell recently you could have eaten that middle taco.  

  2. Fuckin stupid!

    DowntownClownFrown DowntownClownFrown

  3. It pisses me off how fuckin stupid people can be. Like fuckin why?
  4. Its taco bell. 

    I went to one of those fuckin A&W restaurants linked with long 
    john silvers. As i was placing my order i see a dude in the back legit cough up some shit in somones food and wrap it up.
    I was like fuck that im going to Wawa and dipped
  5. probably fired by now...
  6. LMAO I hope he gets fired and arrested.
  7. Is it weird he looks exactly like i thought a taco licker would look like? :laughing:
  8. i hope he dies
    Some one should knock that fool out. Guys like this are reasons why i dont fuck with shit fast food unless its made in front for the people to see
  10. Did he WANT to be fired of something?
  11. What a fucking moron.
  12. What a boss. 
  13. just another of the many reasons i don't eat fast food.
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    Yeah for real.  I'm sure he was fired.  No restaurant would employ someone who did that when it comes out in the media
    Is that you in your pic?
  16. Ah really, guess you can't smell the sarcasm. 
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    Your sarcasm needs work. Try harder next time
  18. Dude your font needs work  :p
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