Taco Bell 5$ Box

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mөsh, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. your not missing much
    but at the same time what the guck?!?!
    that's the best thing in the world
    "man I'm high and super hungry but I don't feel like cooking"
    hey I can get this full danke meal for 5 buck
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    Taco bell is nasty. I grew out of fast food years ago. Stuff will kill ya.

    I go to a taqueria down the street from me called mesquite. Get a couple jerk chicken tacos and I'm good to go.

  3. Word up! A nice carne asada torta sounds bomb right now.
  4. Both KFC and Taco Bells $5 boxes are beyond fresh.

    I'm fucking starving right now, too.
  5. I ate a gordita crunch one last night, I think they are one of the best things taco bell has.
  6. I usually go value menu when I go to taco bell. One chicken burrito + one 5-layer burrito + one potato soft taco = less than $3. ;)
  7. I can't stand KFC... right up the street there is an A&W and KFC in one, I love A&W as fast food. I'm not much for fast food these days though, I'll stick to homemade munchie foods!!:D
  8. when that box first came out it was like 3 bucks and change but that only lasted for a month
    i was eating good for cheap
  9. I used to love the chicken burrito, til they shrunk it :(
  10. I prefer dominos. Taco bell causes me stomach problems.

  11. Yuck. Dominos cheese tastes like feet.

    You aren't from NY!
  12. Domino's is horrible.

    Local Pizzeria > Papa Johns > Pizza Hut > Dominos/Little Caesars
  13. Especially since there's about 50 pizza places per town in new york lol.
  14. This. The real shit's the best.
  15. damn, its 12:30am, im a little stoned, and I kinda want some taco bell. Well, I do have some old pizza in the fridge too, that could taste good if I warmed it up. Or nachos, but idk, not feeling those. Only taco bell....maybe I will go.
  16. Ive had it once, and it was great. But I dislike spending 5+ bucks at fast food, when I can make more efficient use of money. Usually I stick to spending around 3$ or lower. Unless I'm really fucked up or really hungry.
  17. What happened to my Spicy Chicken Crunchwraps?

    Mother fuckers...
  18. Lol, I can't tell you how many times I have said fuck it and just thrown everything in a bag without a box because people will order like 4 of them at a time haha

    The chicken flatbread is bomb, but I don't go for the burrito supreme and cinnamon twists though.

  19. No.

    Chalupa supremes with cheesy fiesta potatos. I miss the 7 layer nachos they used to have :(

  20. It's only five dollar bucks, what a steal!
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