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tachycardia, panic attacks and all that crap

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DJBecks, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. hi guys, i'm becks and i've been smoking weed for 7 years now. i recently started having problems with my health and i wanted some opinions/advice. i started smoking when i was 15 back in high school after about a year i started smoking daily around 2-3 grams a day sometimes even more. i kept this up until 2 years ago when i moved back to my home country where good weed isn't that easy to find and besides that its pretty damn expensive so i had to cut down to a gram a day maybe even less. around a year ago i started having panic attacks, my heart would just jump out of my chest, i'd get pale and all dizzy and i felt like was simply going to pass out or die. of course nothing happened it went away after 30-60 minutes. i had one of those attacks and then i kept smoking daily and i didn't have them. after awile i started getting them once every 3-4 months but still i kept on smoking and got over it. i started having palpitations and increased heart beat (i had it most likely all the time but i was never aware of it) almost every other day, nothing bad, no panic nothing just felt like my heart was beating a little too fast and fluttering after i smoked. this year i had a short period when i ran out of bud and one of my friends had a huge bag of leaves left over from some of his plants so i smoked about 5 grams of those everyday for about 3 months (had to smoke more since the thc level wasn't that high but it did the job even though it was toxic and low quality) anyway, after that i started getting palpitations everyday almost everytime after i smoked and then it led to some panic attacks, i even smoked some good stuff and i went nuts. my heart rate went up to 140 and i ended up in the emergency room, they gave me pills to relax me. i had a couple of those panic attacks before but i figured it would get through it and everything would be ok. after i ended up in the emergency room they told me i have sinus tachycardia (they said its most likely from all the weed i smoked). my resting heart rate was 100-105 even when i didnt smoke. i took some beta-blockers to bring it down for a month and i stopped smoking. i tried smoking again after that month and again i went into a huge panic attack and i barely even smoked 0.2 of a gram. again i took a break, this time i started having these weird attacks, i would sit around the house watching tv with a heart rate of about 70-80 beats per minute and all of a sudden my heart rate would go up to 100, 100 something without even making any effort or without any panic at all. also accompanied by palpitations. i started getting these attacks daily 2-3 times a day for about 2 months while being on beta-blockers without smoking any weed or drinking at all. i dont even drink caffeine or red-bull. this started going away, i only have it lets say 5 times a week, last week it only happened twice and again i repeat i could be at the movies sitting down in my chair and my heart rate would just shoot up, my heart starts beating really hard like its about to jump out of my chest, my hands get really cold but there's no anxiety, no panic, thats the weird thing about it. i tried smoking again, only took about 2 puff from a joint with 0.2-0.3 of a gram and i was ok but i did feel a little uneasy with the heart. i did it again the next day and it was ok. today i did the same thing and all of a sudden my heart started contracting wierd, probably premature ventricular contractions and then my heart rate shot up and a panicked a little bit, probably went up to like 120 but it was weird that it went away after about 5 minutes because usually it lasts at least 30 minutes sometimes even a whole hour. its weird, i used to smoke daily, 2-3 grams a day, all day, good stuff not shit and i would really enjoy it, nothing negative ever happened in the first 4-5 years and now i cant seven smoke a joint anymore even after taking a 2 month break. anybody else had this problem? any suggestions etc? i do not have any heart problems just sinus tachycardia which is supposed to be normal and a lot of doctors told me that everyone has it at least once in their lifetime. sorry for the long post, just wanted to get it all out here so i can get more opinions, im getting hopeless :( will i ever enjoy bud again?
  2. it doesn't sound like weed is doing this to you. i think its some other medical problem
  3. i found this on a site...but u said u got it off .2 ..i don't really know what to tell you..possibly you could try edibles..the high is usually different..but it usually lasts longer too, so if it makes you panic it could be a pretty bad experience

    Possible Side Effects
    A very important thing to know about using medical marijuana is that until you find the dose and method that's best for you, you should always use it with people who make you feel safe and who'll take care of and support you. Sometimes marijuana causes tachycardia (very rapid heart beat), which can make you feel anxious and uneasy rather than relaxed and comforted. If that happens, try breathing deeply and exhaling fully. Sometimes eating something, or holding someone's hand, will calm you down. Tachycardia will pass in time, and you'll know to reduce your next dose until you find the one that's right for you. "
  4. i doubt it. i had my heart checked by two cardiologists and they told me it's ok. there's nothing wrong with it. i also ruled out anything else that can cause tachycardia. it's really odd, i had blood tests done, everything came out fine besides some cells that i have a little high or a little low but they all told me there's nothing to worry about, plus i had this problem with the blood cells way before having these problems with my heart so it cant be that
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    I was hospitalized for what I thought was a heart attack; had tachycardia and other symptoms. It was just a panic attack. They can be really scary especially at first. I also had x-rays, ekg, and all was fine. At the time, I actually didn't smoke at all, was in pretty good shape. They put me on **** and that stopped my panic attacks but the side effects suck. I eventually used meditation to get control over it and stopped taking ****. That was about four years ago. It's probably not the weed.
  6. The thing with heart palpitations or irregular heart beats... you have to catch them when they happen. I have an irregular heart beat that happens every so often. My doctor explained it like this. When my brain sends an electrical signal for my heart to beat, part of taht electrical signal winds up for a while and after a bit it just sends the excess electrical signal to my heart, causing a palpitation.

    He said my heart is healthy but got me to wear a heart monitor (big bulky chest unit you cant take off for the duration of the test) for a weekend. If a noticable palpitation occured id hit a button taht would basically red flag that part of the recording. Of course during this weekend no noticable palpitations occurred so they went through the entire EKG reading when i finsihed the test and said everything was ok.

    I notice more palpitations during days/weeks of high stress or depression. When my tollerance for marijuana was very low id notice that if i smoked a few hits of high grade bud my heart rate would skyrocket and this would scare me because of my palpitations.
    Never does my heart rate increase so suddenly and drastically without some sort of stimuli (I.E. Marijuana, excersize, or almost hitting a deer in my car.....) :p

    From what i understand, a sudden and rapid increase in your pulse rate, and strength (blood pressure) is called a bounding pulse which occurs normally with heavy excersize, anxiety, pregnancy, etc. If you experience bounding pulse without any sort of stimuli it could be associated with high blood pressure but can be a little more serious such as fluid overload (can occur with heart failure), or kidney failure. If youve gotten checked out by your doctor and explained the symptoms youve been having, chances are youre ok and having nothing to worry about. If you are worried about marijuana or even excersize, interfering with any heart conditions youre experiencing, or even causing them, tell your doctor if its safe to do either. Chances are your doc will know what to do and most doctors couldnt care less if you smoke a little weed unless of course its affecting your health in a noticable negative way. In which case im assuming theyd advice you to quit or cut back.
  7. I don't smoke as much as I used to, I went for a long time without getting high, then I started hanging out with some hardcore stoners I knew. I experienced the same symptoms you've described, rapid heart rate and panic attacks, they scared the shit out of me at first,

    I thought it was probably because I tried to smoke like I used to do, so now I moderate my intake, two tokes is enough, it gets me high and I don't experience the freaky side effects.

    If I start to go into an attack, I'll close my eyes and breathe deeply tell myself to relax that's it's just the reefer. I don't know if it would help you but we have a plant room if i sit there and breathe in the oxygen that the plants are putting off I've found it to help the nasties.

    One other thing you may try is keeping a paper bag to rebreathe into for hyperventilation, above everything moderate your intake, especially if you haven't got stoned for a while, there's no shame in passing the joint if you're smoking with some one.
    Marijuana is supposed to be enjoyable, not a panic inducing nightmare.

    Good luck and happy toking.
  8. I've had similar experiences in the past.
    First time for that was like 15 years ago.

    I've was smoking some serious ganja with a few buddies of mine and the experience went sour about half way throught the joint.
    You know bad body feeling, feeling stressed out, fast heartbeat for no reason, zone-ing out.
    I've seen other people zone out completely for hours because of this, staring into a starry night for 3 hours straight without responding to anybody, feeling shitty all over, swearing they'd never smoke pot again a day later.
    Luckily for me I had some experienced smokers with me who were familiar with that issue.
    10 minutes later I was happy as ever, 'surfing' on garbage containers through the street pushed around by my buddies.

    The trick is, when you notice your trip is spiraling in the wrong direction, to change your behaviour.
    Meaning go do something else, stop smoking for a while.
    Sitting on a bench with your buddies feeling your trip is heading the wrong way?
    Take a walk, get some food, a high sugar drink, play some football or whatever comes to mind.

    For some reason, some times, it's like your mental focus locks on something you don't want to be locked on to. Your mind can lead the body.
    And as long as you sit there doing the same thing, it gets worse.

    What you need is a distraction, a change in environment when such a thing occurs.
    Change the mind, change the body.

    Well...that's in my experience anyway.
    I'm sure other people have other ideas about that.
  9. @Djbecks I have the same exactly symptoms what ended up happening
  10. He hasn't been on the City for almost six years, I don't think you'll be getting a reply from him.
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