Taboo Fantasies?

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    See theres already a thread on this. If you're a mod feel free to dump this.

  2. Judging by societal standards today I'd say living a happy, healthy life seems taboo :jump:

    Don't entertain fantasies you don't want to experience.
  3. Solid, healthy advice. Easier said than done though, but, thanks for that.

  4. I can suggest some books if you feel drawn to it. Otherwise... knowing that you choose what you want to experience, you create your reality, why would you emphasize that which you don't want and choose against yourself? Maybe motivation. Maybe a little faith.
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  5. yo. one last thing. the quickest way to happiness in knowing this: what you see in other people or things, you see in yourself. meaning: condemn someone and you condemn yourself, hold a grievance against someone and you hold it against yourself. if you want peace you have to give it (mentally). so the way to happiness is through forgiveness.
  6. I hope that one day marijuana is legalized even for government workers and I can smoke with my dad feel like it's probably never going to happen tho

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  7. What the hell is happening in this thread.
  8. How about those Red Sox!!

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  9. Deflowering Virgins. Girls are so damn taboo.
  10. Once heard a girlfriends twenty something daughter going to town hard on herself in the shower. Super sexy.
  11. Having my left big toe sucked while being riding by the sister
  12. Fucking a bitch while her milf of a mom spies on us and I catch her spying on us and invite to join she says yes and I go the rest of my life with 2 chicks tending to my every need sexually and otherwise

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  13. I've learned that lust is fun and pleasurable. But it can and will lead you into a darker realm if you let like JohnnyBGreen said entertain fantasies that you wouldn't want to actually experience..

    Say I had a fantasy of bdsm, or something extreme like incest. If i were to lust on whatever it is, that stigma and viewpoint on females, or whatever it is that one is attracted to would live through me as a self-identifier, I don't want to be apart of that. I don't want to contribute to that and we are all more powerful than lust itself. Every time you fantasize about bs like that you are taking action by entertaining the subject in general. And it grows, and grows, and grows.

    I'm not telling anybody how to live their life, but i feel like spreading this knowledge can help someone who might wander here, and take the time to read this.

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  14. That's definitely happening in our lifetime!

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