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tabbacy in my pipe?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. I wanr ro spare oruse wisely my weed because unfortanrlt i do not get much... so i was wondering should put tobacco in my pipe with the weed?
  2. hey man.. You must have smoked a little much cuz i couldent read half that shit you said. But no you should not mix tobacco in with your marijuana... it makes it taste like ass hole. I guess some netherlanders prefer it... but i would have to say negetive on the tobacco. Plus it will make your pipe reak like ass.
  3. Should you? No, because IMHO tobacco just ruins the taste and adds extra carcinogens and in the end doesn't add to your high.

    Can you? Yes, and one benefit that you will notice is that it lengthens ur sessions time while using a minimum of weed. So if you find the act of smoking relaxing then go for it.

    Do I do it? Yes, when my weed supply is running low but I try to avoid doing it.

    Its up to you dude.
  4. When I run low I just smoke less then go out and smoke a cigar or a bowl out of my tobaccy pipe. Yes, I have a tobacco pipe. It's a real nice smoke and you can get some great flavors of tobacco. I'm not addicted, and I don't smoke shit that tastes like cigarettes.
  5. well.. yes i can understand that. I just meant dont put tobacco in your weed pipe. Theres nothin wrong with smokin good tobacco, but i would have to say i cant stand any tobacco for some reason.
  6. 300th post :D

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