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Tabacco Is Wacko

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ThreeEleven240, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. Why smoke tabacco when you could smoke pot !? Chances are i didn't even spell tabacco right but whatever. I have never smoked a cigarette or anything other than pot in my life and i smoke pot about 4 times a day. Anyone taht smokes cigs are [removed by GC moderator].......enough said
  2. You're entitled to your opinion, but there's no need to insult people with your 2nd post here.

    -GC Mod
  3. Get a life and a clue, cigarettes are bad for you but they do have their pluses, if you choose not to smoke fine but dont feel obligated to condemn smokers, and a cigarette after smoking bud is like heaven on earth. keep smokin and chill out.
  4. you aren't allowed to go around and insult people for something you haven't tried. I just quit cigs, but I still like to smoke one every once in a while b/c it can be enjoyable.
  5. my friends smoke em and they are pointless. sorry i am high, and opiniated so sorry for goin with my given rights. i tone it down then. but l,am still gay.[critter did it]
  6. but i apologize and i am truely sorry for offending people.
  7. LmFaO......

  8. hahaha, oh boy.

  9. Hell ya, thats how u do it right thur. when im about halfway done with my cigarette it kicks in. ive also heard smoking a cig after a bowl will raise ur high by 10%. thats not y i do it, but a plus.
  10. cigs a MMmmmMMmmm good. especially Camel: Turkish Jade's *drools*

  11. arent those menthol? i can only stand those things when im drinking..then i love em. otherwise, turkish royals!

  12. Huzzah! Turkish Royals, the cigarette of champions!
  13. Parliament Lights~ Horrah the cigarette of coke heads.
  14. Newports and Al Capone Sweets...

    I used to smoke Marlboro milds until it felt like I was smoking air.

  15. Yup, definatly so. I used to perfer Newports, but then i tried Jades. The menthol is more intense and burns my nose when i exhale. I fuckin love it.

  16. lol
  17. quite right quite right. marb regs are fine too. camal jades arent that good at all. well i just cant stant menthol period.

  18. haha..

    i smoke cigs very seldomly, but i prefer camels, turkish blend

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