Tabacco In My Weed? Fuck that...

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    hey guys whats up?
    well i have been smoking for about 5yrs now, everyday for 3.
    so i consider myself to be almost a sage of weed if you will.
    even though i plan on smoking for the rest of my life i will never plan on putting tabacco in with my awsome blossom!

    look at it this way,
    Weed- a joyus substance loved by many hated by few but known of by all.
    Im the all around POTHEAD of the group
    if you line my friends and i up and look for a sec. you'll see me and know whats good.
    I think the mixing of tabacco with Marijuana in any way is simply retarded.:hello:
    many say it "boosts" your high, this is not true. All thats going on is it activates euphoria
    and raises the blood pressure but what happens when it spikes?
    Your high not only dies but alot of the time without even relizeing it you can enter a bad state of mind exerting a bad energy. Like just waking up to an energy drink BAD...
    plus tabacco causes fucking cancer and heart problems and even though weed still messes with the respitory system cigs blunts blacks all that shit affects it way more.

    Bad breath and smell linger more no chick wants that.

    So what do you think?

    Honestly and Truthfuly

  2. I agree with all your saying, but totally think your high as shit right now haha right on though
  3. Agreed bro!
  4. Speak the truth!
    Amen! :hello:

    But seriously, weed = yes, baccy = no.
  5. Never really smoked many spliff's, we keep are green pure around here...
  6. Smoking weed opens up your lungs

    then you go and smoke gross tobacco and it gets all in there

    just plain disgusting

    It totally cuts your high later too
  7. Agree^

    So fuck that, stick with the herb.
  8. I just quit cigarettes, and I totally agree.
    Sweet maryjane is good to me, tobacco is not.
  9. i smoke tobe in my weed, with a tobe stop also (tobacco in the bottom of the bowl) as well as most of the people i know, so far from what i have experienced from other smoking cultures, kingston ontario canadas, is very unique
  10. The closest I'll get to tobacco in my weed,

    Is if I smoke a cigarette after a session.... And even that needs to end soon.
  11. well me and my friend bought real flavored tobacco and we sprinkle some in with the spliffs we roll its actually pretty good on occasion very tasty :smoking:
  12. Agreed, fuck poisening weed with that shitty tasting harsh ass cancer plant
  13. i NEVER put any amount of tobacco in any of my bowls/blunts... keep the two seperate imo
  14. I never understood smoking tobacky with buds. That's like putting those cheap-ass autozone hubcaps on your range rover.
  15. Guys, I just gotta say, this is really ignorant how you're trashing on tobacco. Marijuana has three times the number of carcinogens as fresh rolling tobacco, and nicotine, as a stimulant, helps to saturate you brain more quickly with THC, getting you very high, very fast... And it has never cut my high before, ever...

    I roll spliffs son! They roll better, they burn smoother, and they ash less often!
  16. All of you guys need to go places like Italy, England, France.. Then go to Morocco, Thailand, and Jamaica.. Then go some more around the world and tell me you changed your mind.

    I'm just so used to that hashy goodness together with some tobacco in a nice fat joint in a 2000 year old park in Rome.. Nothing tops that shit
  17. i never mix tobacco with my weed, it just ruins the dankness, but i do smoke cigs, and i love smoking a cig after a few bongs or a blunt :) :)

    yes i know it will kill me someday... but so will sitting and staring at my monitor right? i dont wanna live to wear diapers again anyways :D

    when im old and dying tho.. im sure ill think otherwise haha :)
  18. tobacco is too harsh on my lungs anyway, so i never mix it with weed
  19. same way
  20. nothings better then rolling up a fat joint with a sprinkles of tobacco in it.

    Helps it burn slower
    Helps mellow it out


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