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    Hey all.
    Just a quick question about T5's

    I was thinking about getting these lights for my veg

    Should i get a mixture of the 6500k and the 3000k? 2 of each bulb?
    or what is best.. this is just for veg..
    I will be growing about 20-25 plants in veg.
  2. If you're only using this light for the vegetative state, then you don't need the 3000K bulb at all. 2700-3000K is for flowering usually. 6500K is for vegging. It's the same light I have for my veg room, and it worked well, although when I moved them to flowering, they nearly tripled in height because of the lumen difference between the T5s and the 400W HPS I have for flowering, but that's another story altogether. The T5s will keep your plants shorter, and they will grow and develop more slowly, allowing (theroetically) for better root and overall plant growth. Good for vegetation.
  3. sounds good, you dont think having 1 3000k bulb is good?
    i hear having one is good?
    i'm just trying to get info here so i know what is the best buy!!
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    If you're growing from seed use all 6500K. They'll give you an edge on the female to male ratio.

    If you're only growing from female cuttings then an even mixture of bulbs is great.

    If you're vegging 20 plants under one light you might want to consider a 4' - 6 or 8 bulb T5 fixture.
  5. ah, thank you very much!

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