T5s, 4 autos, 24/7 ?

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  1. I have 4 auto flowers growing under 2'x2' 8 bulb t5 (24 watts ea) with supplement lighting on side. Bulbs are 6500k, for veg, will change to 3000 when flowering. They are 19 days old in 3 gal pots. Need help on deciding if I should do 24/7 lighting, or 18/6?? I have done 24/7 with HPS with good luck. never with t5s all the way. Here are some pics.

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  2. I'd use 20/4 or 18/6 because i find they grow faster this way but it might just be me? IDK. I think the color of bulbs in your t-5 is less important than that supplemental lighting. what did you have in mind for that? which HPS do you have?
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    oh damn, i just looked at the pic and you have the 8 tube flouro! NICE

    I don't think you'll need supplemental lighting, in that case and yea i'd say 4 red tubes will cut it... the blue ones put out more lumens any way and the mixed spectrum will give you denser buds

    IMO you should top those plants.... are they clones?

    when are you switching to flower?
  4. They are autoflowers, they are starting to show now. Gonna change the bulbs to
    3000k. Got the super critical lst'd already. No topping, gonna let em go.

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