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  1. So I live in an Asian country, and was astounded to find a shop that carries t5s here. Turns out my excitement was premature..lady packaged my fixtures/bulbs/cords and sent me on my way.

    I get home to find out..well, I'm not too good at technical stuff, hence why I'm here. I'll let the pictures do the talking for me. Please help me not electrocute myself, guys.

    cord - Imgur
  2. do the fixtures have an internal ballast? You need a ballast if they don't, but they'd have to be amazingly shitty fixtures to not have one.
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    yep..they have a ballast, but i just gotta figure out how to plug it into the wall with what she gave me.

    I guess more info would help in case you can't see the pic well.. the black/white cord I understand, but the three pronged cord has brown, blue and green/yellow wires labeled N, L, and a little symbol with three lines.

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