T5 vs mH lighting for veg

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by itguy, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Right now I have a 400w HPS for bloom and a home made CFL setup for veg.

    I need more lighting for veg and am debating between a 4 bulb 4 foot T5 setup or a 400w mH..

    Opinions? Heat isn't a huge concern, power isn't really either since I'm really only growing a few small plants for my good 'ole dad and not expanding past this setup. My closet is about 4 feet wide so space shouldn't be a problem..
  2. Im not to sure but i was curious and would like to know With you. What would work better some t5 or some mh for veg ?
  3. A 400w MH lamp will work wonders over a few plants compared to the T5s, dont get me wrong, the T5s are good for young seedling, but when the plants start to grow taller, you want the light to penetrate through the canopy.
  4. t5 are the shit go look at my flowering plants. they were grown under t5. 3 months veg.
  5. T5's are great but the MH's will penetrate much much more. Before HPS was around, all the "real" growers used MH the whole grow so go with the MH and you will love it hands down. Start the seedlings 24-30" in the beginning though and let them get used to it.

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