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t5 vs MH and HPS

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Smiley Coyote, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Which is better and why? For that matter, if T5's run cooler, can they be used in place of HPS for flowering?

    What little data I am seeing seems to indicate that T5's are very good to use, based purely on lumens and economical considerations.

    Do they really compare to MH and HPS as far as bud quality and yield?
  2. Sorry, but they don't. T5s are great for keeping mother plants and making clones. Flowering with them is not recommended. Your yield and quality will suffer greatly.
  3. Then this link is a bunch of B.S.?

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    Yeah, 100% BS. Don't take retailers and manufactures word for how great their product's are (LED lighting is the best example).

    Do you think any commercial grower is using T5s to flower? They don't use them for a reason... They simply don't work nearly as well as conventional grow lights.

    T5 lights are great for the garage or workshop but a piss-poor choice for flowering marijuana.
    Spend your money on the correct gear.
  5. you like good bud right? quick tip...dont cheat your flower room...in the end your only cheating yourself :) ....helped make my decision...

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