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  1. just wondering, i am about to buy a 4 bulb t5 setup and was wondering, even though it is for clones/veg i am wondering if i should get all grow spectrum or 2 6500k and 2 bloom bulbs, i have heard that a couple of bloom bulbs mixed in can help with rooting, but i know that the 6500k is better all around for veg
    any help,is as always, appreciated, thanks all :wave::smoking:

  2. You NEED 6500k for vegging. Don't add in any 2700k bulbs during vegging, it's pointless because the light is unusable to your plant during vegetation (your root theory is wrong, roots need darkness to grow).
  3. thanks man, thats all i was wondering, never used t5's before, am getting a t5 setup to check em out, all veg it is

  4. You still need 2700k's for flowering, but I suppose you don't have to buy them right now. Make sure to get enough too, 100 watts per plant minimum + 50 more watts per extra plant.
  5. these are just for clones/veg so shouldnt need the bloom spectrum at all correct? (have an hps for that)

  6. Oh I didn't know you had an HPS, your set then. Just get the 6500k bulbs for vegging, use them and your golden.
  7. right on, thx 4 the info:)
  8. Plants use all spectrum during all stages of growth. They just use more of certain spectrum during certain stages. It's completely acceptable vegging under HPS even though it's a bloom spectrum because the light contains other spectrum just not as much. However, to answer your question if the lights are only for vegging I would stick to the 6500k "cool white" spectrum. During bloom many growers mix the two spectrum with good success.
  9. thx for the input, always appreciated, i went with all veg spectrum, i have a few 400 watt mh as well and the plants under those right now look beautiful and are only 3 weeks in and are pushing half a foot and bushier than a porn star in the 70's, hope these t5s live up, have a buddy that swears by em. if not i always have a great light for mothers/clones so i guess either way i win :smoke::)

  10. Your lighting setup is powerful as shit, your gonna have some good yields.
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    i hope so, it is my first grow but have run into cash so trying to do it right, well that and have a long long time friend (basically family) that has been growing for a few years now as help and of course this site :wave: have been reading books and researching since before college (am a grad student now so lol)
    i have a place for mother/clones, veg, and flower and hope to get a good cycle going, just got sick of rising prices in my area and figured i would put my knowlege/research to the test!!!!! lets hope it works out
    i started 10 total (all booming under the mh in veg) and my pal gave me another 11 7inch plants that were to go outside but the spot turned out to be a no go so as a starter gift gave em to me (all great bag seed so dont know how many males i have)
    wish me luck:bongin:

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