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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by majikdm1, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. new to indoor gardening, i recently bought a Secret Jardin DR 60 tent. its 2'x2' and like 5'3'' i think. started with some improvised cfl spot lamps for the first couple weeks of vegging my new plants. Just switched to a SunSystem Sun Blaze T5 HO 2' eight bulb 6500k fixture, supposedly 16000 lumens, and i also purchased four 2700k bulbs to add in if needed. will this provide enough room/lighting for four plants for my entire indoor grow?
  2. Figure 2500-3000w per plant or 100w then an additional 50w per plant.
    Theoretically Yer that'll work, just keep the light as close to the plants as possible.
    The short T5 fixture i have puts out very little heat, idk about yours.
    As for the additionals, the more light the better! Just be wary of your heat factor.

    Edit: I'm stating that for veg. Not so sure about flowering.

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