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  1. Hola fellow growers!
    This is my first time ever gardening cannabis, and anything indoors at that. I've learned so much from you guys in these forms already about growing indoors, thank you!

    The purpose of this grow is strictly for a test grow so that I can learn some things. After this grow I plan on really committing time and $$ into a perpetual grow area.
    I started from a bag seed 3 months ago (middle of March). I am growing in Happy Frog soil with store bought RO water, still in veg @ 17/7 with a 2ft T5 4 bulb fixture with the PowerVeg blue bulbs. I am now in a 5gal smart pot in a 3'x3'x5.5' tent. I ran into nute (PH) problems already. I think my pH was a little off, or I was feeding too much. I started giving her ONLY pH'd water @ 6.5 for a week and seemed to fix all leaf discoloration and tips burning. I waited another week with no problems before I added Alibaba quantum boards that I put together. 2 x's lm301b 3000k with red 660nm. 1 x HLG-240H-48AB Meanwell Driver with dimmer switch. I wanted the plant to get acclimated with this light before I switched to Flower (could've been my mistake?). I have been running the T5's & quantums @ 50% and 20" above plants for 2 days now. I have been watering every 2-3 days lately and only adding nutes ,@ 50% suggested dosage, every other to 3rd watering. I bottom watered last night (due to a slight gnat issue) I came home today and leaves were drooping like they were over or underwatered. My questions are;

    -Do y'all think the new QBs would cause the leaf droop?
    -Are the different light spectrums confusing it?
    -Should I start flowering now and/or add other nutes to my lineup?
    -Is my 5gal smart pot enough to flower this Fox Farm grow?

    I love this community so far, everyone is so open to learn and teach everyone! Also, is anyone else as obsessed with grow lights like I am?

    20190618_200943.jpg 20190618_200928.jpg 20190618_180737.jpg 1560912142500.jpg

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  2. hi @Tmade welcome to the forms
    hee hee
    I think its time for my midnight snack
    I like power Veg, but its not as much umph as the QBs!
    I started thinking about using them to veg, but idk... not strong enough.
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  3. Hahaha, Waddup @trojangrower! I hear ya on the not enough power (and old tech), I got the fixture for free though. I spent a little dough on the blue bulbs, but they were killin it in the first 2 months of veg! I have both the QBs and T5s going at the same time now. Do you think it's possible I added too much light too fast to the plant?

    Here's a picture before I added the 2 QBs. 20190613_183007.jpg

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  4. I still like T5s! I got a couple plants under an older fixture, and here's an older picture of a 2x4 plant
    it takes longer although very healthy foliage.

    The QBs, man... I'm still getting a grip on the intensity. That and hydroponics/aeroponics, Love it.
    Cuz the ones I got under LM09 and fluros are all good, but kinda miniturized compared to the ones I got in the other setup, although I think the other ones have gotten too much light. They not burned, just big and not much vertical.
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  5. NICE Looking plants!
    Maybe I'll lower the QB intensity a bit more to 30% and run them for less time. Planning on transitioning to flower this week.

    Thanks for your help man!

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  6. Anytime you add more light via adding more lights or putting the lights closer, the plant has to slowly get used to it. Yes it will droop for a few days unless you move the lights higher for a day or two to see if that helps or turn them down a little so the intensity isnt so high. Then once the plant starts responding good again , you can slowly move them back down a few inches every day till you get to the height you want them at. Same theory applies when you take a inside plant and put it outdoors you have to harden it first by putting it outdoor in the shade first for a few days so the plant gets used to the new light spectrum but without being directly in the full sun to get used to it.

    Also yes a 5 gallon is plenty big enough. I used 5 gallon pots for a 128 day grow and still had plenty of soil room left when i examined the soil after the grow.
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  7. Well... that makes perfect sense. I had to get my pepper seedlings used to the outdoors that exact way. Thank you very much socalgreentime!

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