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    this strain is called "purple stem". It was bred by a friend of mine

    Had some issues early on in flower, but have since corrected it. This strain smells extremely dank, super sweet smell so far. Sticky beyond belief. The calyx are starting to turn a beautiful violet purple color. Stems are entirely purple.

    Flowering since start of March. Feeding organics only, using a mostly "soil-less" soil. 7 gallon pot.

    Flowering under t5 4 foot bulbs, 296 watts total. Using 2 grow bulbs, and 2 bloom spectrum bulbs.

    this is my first real attempt at growing solo / my own projects. I am current and valid medical marijuana. Growing for personal usage.

    Looking for advice in all aspects, but mainly as far as dankness and having quality medicine goes.

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  2. Temps...watch ha temps
  3. With a t5 that should not be a issue I guess lol
  4. Here's some more pics of the Purp Stem.

    Looking for advice, and criticism. Any teas or boosts for flowering would be nice, especially those that effect quality.

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  5. Molasses.

  6. If you switch from 'soil-less soil' and bottled nutes to a better grade of soil and no bottled nutes your 'dank-ness' level will increase.
  7. .......................................^^^ :hello: ^^^ :smoking: ^^^ :yay: ^^^ :hippie: ^^^ :metal: ^^^ :bongin:.......................................

  8. I have amended my soil, use teas, as well as top dressing along side bottled nutes. The bottle nutes I use I believe are valid and do well.
  9. I'd also argue my soil blend im using is better than most of your mixes you'd be buying from the stores.

    I'm looking for in depth tips. Not some sarcastic bullshit reply. If you have useful information with details please respond.
  10. Lutharian,

    You ask for advice and criticism, then pop off with a disrespectful reply. Our organic growers are knowledgeable and helpful and certainly weren't sarcastic.

    Disrespect doesn't fly here at GC. Take it down a notch and you might get the advice you seek.

  11. Good luck in your endeavors.
  12. ....... ^^^ :hello: ^^^ :smoking: ^^^ :yay: ^^^ :hippie: ^^^ :metal: ^^^ :bongin: .......

    Okay, okay...I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. You know how it is when you get in a mood sometimes? And it feels like this: [​IMG]

    So yeah, Lutharian...strap on a sense of humor and stick around for a while. You might learn something you don't already know. :D

    See ya...
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  13. Would love to learn something, except that there was nothing worth absorbing through his post.

    How about you organic "guru's"(I'd call some of you fools elitist, but that's just my observation on reading the majority of these forums and your posts) post back with some detailed information, instead of useless sarcasm.

    Grats on being useless though, pro tips ++

  14. Good luck with not having a clue :)

  15. I asked for advice, like I said. Not some useless bullshit sarcastic reply like I got.

    I fail to see your point.

    Cheers sir!

  16. Can someone please point out the part where Skunk was sarcastic?

    I must have been absent when they handed out the updated dictionaries at Dank-Dumb University...
  17. You might want to list your soil recipe and whatever bottled nutrients you are using, otherwise no one can really offer advise.
  18. Lutharian.

    You're not here for advice or criticism, you're here for someone to stroke your fragile ego and tell you how great your pretty plants are. I've read your other posts and I've got a good idea of who/what you really are.

    I'm closing your journal before you start a flame war.I want you to re-read the Forum Guidelines to fully understand what is required of you to maintain your membership here.


    1. RESPECT your fellow members of the community. You don't necessarily have to agree with everyone and open and constructive debate is encouraged; however, keep this mature. Failure to respect your fellow members, including verbal assaults or degrading remarks/comments, will result in a warning/infraction. Any further infringement will result in a permanent ban. If someone has been disrespectful towards you first, please report them rather than engage in the same behavior.

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