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T5 lights vs. CFL

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by kingmonkey, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Ok, I've tried searching for information on just those T5 lights but this sites search function wont bring up any results. Gives me some error message saying T5 is too common or too short. Anyway...!

    What's the difference between those T5 lights and CFL's? Is one better than the other? I want to grow three plants hydroponically and I'm trying to find out what lights are the best for what I want to do. You can forget HPS or MH since I'm far too broke for those. It's got to be on the cheap side.

    So basically...what's the story with these two different lights? Which is better for growing?

  2. I can answer this easy.

    T5s are a great bulb. But now we use T8's. These bulbs produce great amount of light, and dont produce as much heat. They use less energy and cover a bigger area. T5s or 8's are a big bulb almost 2ft in length. Now if you are going to use these bulbs ore look into it more. SEARCH FOR 2G11 or PL-L type bulbs. They are the same as T'5s but cheaper and they dont produce as much heat. When they are at Optimal running, you can literally touch the bulb or grab it, thats how hott they get. I was going to use these but I needed a stealthy area.

    Now CFLs are great, but you will need more bulbs to produce the amount that the t5s prdouce, then they make more heat, I just dont see why to use CFLS, There lumen rating and watt rating is off the chart compared to these.

    Just do your research. I did, and I went with LEDS, because I needed to fit small ligjht inside a tight grow box.

    Just my 2 cents on this. :smoke::smoke: :wave:

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