t5 lighting question on sprouts

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  1. hey i just transplanted 8 sprouts to bigger 1gal smart pots and im just wondering how far away i should hang my t5 light from the top of the plants. there average about 2 in tall and the light is a t5 4ft by 4bulb fluorescent. quick replies please!!!!
  2. i would have it about 2 inches above them maybe less if its not hot
  3. ^^^Agreed^^^

    With T5 HO lighting you can keep them close without burning them. Make sure they don't grow into the lamp however or they will burn.

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  4. ok cool thanks. i think i might have under watered them as the soil has dried quickly, should i gove them some more or is it too dangerous of over watering
  5. So if the lights are too high what would be the outcome?

    Short plants? short node distances?
  6. If your soil mix is well aerated watering 2x a week should suffice for 2" plants. By well aerated I mean that if you've got about 25-30% either perlite, pumice or another aeration amendment.

    Next time you water, feel how heavy the Smart Pot is before watering and then lift it daily until it feels about the same. Then you re-water.

  7. US,

    Just the opposite. Some strains will tend to stretch to the lights. With a T5 you can keep the stretch to a minimum because the heat is minimal. As long as the leaf tissue doesn't ouch the lamp it won't burn.

  8. Just curious because I had my plants 5 inches from the t5, same bulbs as OP and the temps were simply too high. I moved them down, now 1' 3-6". They look healhty but its been 18-19days since sprouting and they're only roughly 6" high. So I was concerned it wasn't getting enough light so I added a cfl until my move this week where they'll be under a 250w MH.

    Just wanted to make sure I had enough :)

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