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  1. Taking the cost of the electric bill out of the equation, which is better for veg between a Grow spectrum T5HO and a HPS for vegging?
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  3. If you had nothing helpful to add, there was no reason to reply.
  4. Just thought you would get faster results with "t5 vs HPS" in google or this forum.

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  5. Thanks for the thought but I already did. Almost all are comparing HPS to MH or talk about vegging with HPS or talk about vegging with T5HO. None of them that I have found compared the results of vegging with HPS vs T5HO hense the reason that I created a thread.

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  6. It's a phrase, check past threads. Where is the joke? Good luck kid
  7. more lumen's more light faster & larger growth more cost. Balance that with your needs. I use MH and T5 for veg, just depends what I'm trying to achieve, cost for me may be lower down in the equation than for you. I prefer MH to HPS in veg and the MH to the T5. Hope that helps?
  8. on my last grow i put them straight under my hps and they stretched pretty good, this go around i used cfl's for the first few weeks and i ended up with a much shorter plant with minimal spacing between nodes. i just switched to my hps and will continue to veg for another week or two before the flip.
  9. I have a 4ft 4 bulb t50ho ( 4 x 54w) in a seperate area and a 600w hps inside my tent. With the t5 at about 6" away versus the 600w 18" away I get much quicker and better growth from the hps.

    Compared to most floros t5ho is pretty good, t5 vho even better however they just are not equal to hid lighting. My t5 is great for starting houseplants, tomatoes, or flowers but my Mj goes straight under the 600w from day one.
  10. you could veg really well with the t5 and flower with hps would be a good mix tho you can do a whole grow woth hps or get a dual output hps
    tho if only one can be used id use an hps the difference i saw from cfl.was crazy 24hr after hps went in cfl came out the plants went frosty and looked amazing

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  11. i got complete oppusite no strech at all from hps lol hmm

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  12. Hi all, I'm a commercial grower in CO and I do my own personal at home. The plants in veg really need the blue white spectrum of the T5 or MH. They won't need the red and far red until flower so you won't need the HPS until you flower. You can veg under HPS but your girls won't be as happy if they were under T5 or MH.
  13. I start my clones under a 4'x4 bulb T5 6500K using only two of the bulbs. After they root I up pot them and they go under a 6 or 8 bulb T5 6500k for a few weeks while I top, trim and train them for their life. After they are trimmed, topped and about 20" tall I move them into the 600 watt MH bulbs until week 8 of veg.
  14. I have actually grown complete crops under T5 lighting. 6500k for veg and 2700-3500k for flower. Yes I had lots of T5's but I was able to produce quality and pretty good quantity. 19oz off of 6 plants.
  15. Hope that helped my friend. Keep the roots in the dirt and let the sun shine on your cola's.
  16. In Jorge Cervantes' and Ed Rosenthal's books, they say it doesn't make a difference in yield, and in another book called Marijuana Made Simple by Mediman, he say it can cause minor stretch, but that can be offset by nutes. Then I read in another book named Marijuana 101 that it matters lol... I'm getting the same conflicting info here. I was hoping that someone has done a side by side comparison with the same strain and could answer my question about T5s vs HPS vegging without bringing MH into the discussion.
    I already tried Vegging with a T5HO and the plants grew extremely bushy and healthy, but also extremely slowly. I guess I will try and see for myself how they do under a HPS bulb... Using MH lighting isn't an option, and I do not want to use one.
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    So you guy's plants grew faster with the HPS correct? Were they lanky and stretched in anyway or cause any problems down the line compared to your T5 and/or CFLs? I was getting good and constant bushy and healthy growth with my 6 bulb 4' T5HO at 324 watts always about 4" above my plants, but after a month and a half, my plants were only 6" tall.. That's not acceptable to me.
    harleygrower61, care to chime in? Couldn't I get faster growth and bushier plant by topping, than by growing with a T5?
  18. no i got strech from cfl but not hps. i got very healthy plants tho you could use mh or a dual output of you wanted.
    the light colours are to do with the suns light, during spring the days a very blue and as we hit winter the days become more red due to the angle of the sun but we get all colours of light during the whole day so you could use full spectrum bulbs or dual spec hps it does both 6500k and 2700k :)

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    No problem that I have seen. The t5 s don't cause stretching for me, just slow growth. Both the grows in my sig were done with hps from the start and did decently. If your really worried you can grab an enhanced hps bulb that also has output in the blue spectrum. Mine take about 4 weeks to hit about 1ft tall usually with plenty of nodes and good side branching. I would be pissed if the plant was only 4" at six weeks.
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    I prefer the hps past week 2 with clones. HPS allows me to veg a little faster and grow larger plants where the nodes are a bit closer together compared to t5. Sure you know what that does for your buds. More than double the wattage through my hid system than the t5 and a larger light spread.  I have cut out FL bulbs out of my grow beyond rooting stage. If I ran two t5 fixtures for the space I might sing a different tune, but there are little things that I just like about HPS. If I were doing a sog commercial style grow, plant counts in the hundreds if not thousands, I would clone on racks full of of 4 foot t5's. With the videos I am seeing on induction lights I don't know if I would flower under hps either.

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