T5 for veg shelf setup?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Buddha88, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Hey GC! We're looking to upgrade our veg room for this year and get our teen operation up and going but we have some questions. In previous years we have vegged our plants under mh but this year I wanted to set up a wire shelf and use t5 to save space. My question is if the floor dimensions of the shelving unit are 2x4 should I get a four lamp or two lamp t5? We're looking for higher end results but no sense doubling the electric cost for no reason. Any insight or experience appreciated
  2. I think the thing with t5's is the more you can fit in the better. The only reason you would run less then you can fit is if you are trying to slow veg down cause you are waiting for a flower room to free up. Just my opinion.
  3. We grow weed here!
    ..and baby its always in the LUMANS ...lol
  4. So with fluoro should I still go for like 3-5000 lumens in veg?

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