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  1. Hi everybody, and Yay for first thread!!!:hello:
    Anyway down to business, I'm going to buy a T5 High-Output Light (see link below) and was wondering if it would be suffice for 1 or 2 plants, my grow box dimension are 1' 6" wide, 2' 6" long and 3' high. I was planning on using this light throughout the plants life cycle (veg and flower) and I'm gonna use Fox Farm Light Warrior for my seedlings then will transplant into larger pot and add in Fox Farm Ocean Forest. I'm also gonna use Fox Farm Grow Big and Big Bloom for plant food and have done all the measurements for how much to add using 1/4-1/3 what is recommended. I'm going to buy some panda film, a light timer and 2 extra 3000K bulbs along with the light. I'm aware that using MH and HPS would yield more bud but I plan on using this for personal use and I only smoke about 1 joint or 2 bowls every night after a long day at work (helps me relax and go to sleep) plus I don't want a huge spike in my electricity bill as times are tough. Anyway advice would be much appreciated and sorry for such a long post!

    HTG HO T5 Fluorescent Light
  2. I would look into a 2' 4 bulb T5 for your grow space, the one you have mentioned is only about 110 watts, but a 4 bulb light will get you about 220W of light. Mo light Mo better ;) By the way T5's are great for small spaces.

    Wolf :yay:

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