T5 Fluorescents

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  1. I've grown before, but never reached harvest due to improper techniques, etc. Too much to go into at the moment.

    After a long break from growing, I am slowly becoming interested again and was thinking about doing an organic T5 fluorescent setup.

    Has anyone had any experience with growing with T5s. How many lumens/watts do I need, what kind of reflector, etc. would be ideal for that kind of setup. Anything else I should know?

    Thanks in advance.

    I'm thinking about investing in this:


    The problem I have with HPS, which I used before is heat. I don't have air conditioning or heating in my house, no climate control, so I need something that will affect the ambient air temps as much as possible. Plus I'm using my closet with NOWHERE to vent to, so that's another reason I want to use the T5s.

    Though the initial cost is high, the electricity it takes up is less than what I've used before.
  2. You could get an hps light for the same amount as that floro setup and will give you way bigger and denser buds.
    I use a 400hps in a sealed closet and just have one 2 foot fan blowing on medium and have no problems with temps.
    How many plants do you plan on growing? That light would be good for 1 plant and marginal for 2. If you got an hps for the same amount of money you could easily grow 4 plant with better buds.
    Look at this hps light for half the price as that floro:

    If you do for some reason go with the floro make sure to read up on LST.
  3. I've been using a type of T5 and have been happy with them. T8 for side lighting. Eventually I'll probably start using a 250w HPS CoolTube but for my first grow it's going to be all flourescent.
  4. i'm using 4 T5 2' lamps for my entire grow. they are perfect for my setup, its under my bed which is raised 3 feet so not much heat is a must.

    3:1 is a good warm/cool or cool/warm lamp ratio.

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