T5 Flower: Herojuana Og Soon To Be Chopped

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  1. As the title says t5 start to finish. These pics are from about 9 weeks in. Tomorrow starts week 11 and I plan to let them go around 12. Foxfarm soil/nutes, any input?


    (Sorry about repost from H&P)
  2. I did a grow with t5s from start to finish. Came out good the buds were alittle airy for me. Now I just veg with t5s then switch to hps for flower. Doubles the yield and nice dense buds. Would never try flowering with t5s ever again

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  3. Sorry it didn't work out for ya man. It depends on how good your t5 is. My 4 bulb puts out 20k lumens and as u can see its working for me haha. It's also more cost efficient and runs sooo much cooler. If u can make an even canopy but inches from the fixture it can be comparable to hps results, just not as much quantity because the light disperses quicker so u will only have quality buds directly under the tubes. I'm hoping to get close to 1g/watt
  4. I don't like wasting time growing a few nice buds when I can grow a lot of nice buds flowering with hps

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  5. Lol sorry we can't all afford things like u can... Was just asking input on my progress.

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