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  1. Hello all! I'm a new grower and new to the forum as well. Come late April I was planing on starting off a few autoflower seeds. I can't grow inside my house, so I'm gonna guerilla grow out side. I was planing on starting the seeds in side for the vegetative stage then once buds start coming in and the plant starts smelling moving it out side for the May 24 holiday here in south ontario Canada. My question is the lighting... I was wondering if this light would be good for 3 plants (planted directly into 3 gal (11l) pots) for the vegetative stage until ready for the out doors?


    Will one do? Or should I get one for each plant?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. T5 Fluorescent 1 bulb fixture - Description Propagate your seedlings effectively with Viavolt's 2 ft. 1 Bulb T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light made for plant propagation. 2,000 total lumens in the blue spectrum is perfect for propagating seedlings, clones, or keeping plants happy year round. At 2,000 lumens and 24-Watts, the High Output T-5 boasts itself as the strongest fluorescent lighting around.

    Remember I don't need it for flowering. Just seedling and vegetative state
  3. No one? Need lighting advice.
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    You will need more than that for sho! you would be better off having them sit in a south facing window. go with at least a 4 bulb fixture if I were you.
    edit- seedlings yes veg no

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