T5 4 light panel

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  1. I've been given a panel but it came with no wires or connectors.

    Any ideas what kind of cable I'd need?

    There's 4 tubes 54w each.


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  2. more pics please

    like the label it came with

  3. If you have no access to that original plug I would take it apart and just connect a cord to the wires inside that attach to that plug. You'll actually have a better connection that way anyway. That plug would be a possible connection issue and if you eliminate it you'll have less of a chance of failure as long as you do it right and make sure the hole in the metal case isn't sharp enough to cut the new cord.

    It's a 120volt light. They generally run off of 3 wires. Hot (black) (smaller prong on receptacle plug, brass screw), Neutral (white) (larger prong on receptacle plug, silver screw), and Ground (green/bare wire, green painted screw, or screw on metal case). If you punch out that plug or take the ballast apart you'll find those three wires on the other side. Any hardware store sells replacement cords with a plug already on them. You can also buy UL listed cord by the foot at any hardware store and make your own cord with a packaged plug end. 14-16 gauge cord would be plenty big enough for that light.
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