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  1. I'v just been having a clear out and I have 4 x 2' 20w 3200k T4 fluorescent strip lights, will these be any good for the veg stage in stead of using the HPS? I know more light is better so having them on as well would be better, I presume, but will they make much difference and can I use them on there own for the veg stage?
  2. You want your spectrum to be at or close to 6500k for vegging......3200k is more toward a flowering spectrum (2700k being optimum). See if you can find a couple of 6500k bulbs to go in the fixtures you already have.........
  3. Thanks for the reply chunkdaddyo, will the lights be powerful enough if I get the new bulbs? I have a 600w HPS that I was going to use through out the grow, if I get 4 tubes for the T4's will this be enough light/power for the full veggie stage?

    Many thanks

    Flying Badger
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    Yes u can!;)

    But u need around the double intensity instead of the one u have now..i mean 6000/6500k for nice veg growth. Think about adding some CFL bulbs , cause u should put them where the plants need..or, anyway, u can move them better than fluo tubes!! I apologize, but my english need to be improved!!:D
    Hope u can understand what i mean!!

    U should buy 'em, not too expensive..

    U have daylight or bluelight or warmlight bulbs?? For veg growth, remember that the best are daylight spectrum;)

  5. Hi Ledman

    Thanks for the reply, not sure if they are daylight, the light they give off is whitey/yellow, not sure what colour spectrum that is though!!!

    I am going to have a look for some new bulbs now, cost etc. I have thought about some CFL's but having just spent £60 on a HPS, £120 on my fans and carbon filters, £35 on building my grow room, £40 on my pH tester, humidity dial etc. and probably another £70/90 to spend on nutes, pots, soil etc. I don't think i'm gonna have the cash to buy even more lights!!!

    Times are hard man!!! lol

    Anyways so long as these T4's will do with new bulbs i'll see how they go.
  6. Right guys I have had a look for T4 bulbs at 6500k and can't seem to find that many, well I'v found one site that I think sells them, could some one have a look and advise if these are correct or advise of any companies they know that do 2' T4 6500k tubes?

    Full Spectrum Light Bulbs, Full Spectrum Fluorescent Tubes, Activa 172 6500K tubes @ GB Bulbs

    It says there are a G13 base, how do I find out what base I have??

    many thanks for the replies so far GC people

    Flying Badger

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