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t3s. tylenol/codeine

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by high im hi, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. any of u guys ever have these, and do they fuck u up?
  2. Yea dude they are great way in my opinion to start you off on opiates. Just make sure you don't take to much cause of the ace., and don't expect to much because they are not as strong as most other opiates.
  3. alright thats what i was looking for thanks.
  4. Tylenol 3's do less than advil. They're pussy shit.

  5. truth man^^ i took 4 of these mother fuckers today and felt barely anything. fuck em

  6. yea i figured thatbut there available to me so, why not give ehm a shot
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    4 grain would be alot better, but if you never use opiates, i guess it may do something

    be careful for the certain stomach ache that will come if you gobble too many though

    they sell codiene otc in canada, so that should tell you that it isnt some hardcore shit

    i think they only sell 1 grain though, but anyways...

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