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  1. So I finally started up another grow.
    Took me a year but I'm finally back in the game, and oh boy does it feel good :smoke:
    So lets go, I have a total of 100w of CFL lighting.
    Using FoxFarm: Ocean Forest soil (my personal favorite).
    Bag seed yet again.. unfortunately.
    But I'm starting off with 4 plants, hopefully one of them will be a female.
    And that I'm going to SCROG it up once I find the female.
    Here's some pictures of the set up:

    Feel free to comment:), please no downers/dicks. Keep it friendly

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  2. Its been around a week and half since they sprouted.
    I had them in party/small styrofoam cups.
    I just transplanted them into the bigger black pots.
    Well here is a update of the plants.:smoke:

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  3. Nice man. I'll pull up a chair.
  4. Very nice
    Welcome back :wave:
  5. I'll ride along too, good luck!
  6. Nice to see ya'll back:smoke:
    Update time:

    The last one looks a little sickly any ideas?
    I was thinking maybe root bound, I just transplanted to those bigger black pots.
    If it gets any worse then root bound would be out of the equation.. :confused_2:

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  7. Well I can guess that if you had just transplanted into those pots recently it could be that the last plant got a little more shocked during than the other two

    But you still have enough time in this grow for the plants to bounce back and produce

  8. In any event, the new growth is nice and green. I wouldn't worry unless the yellowing starts to spread.
  9. Yeah that's what I was thinking, thanks for the reassurance.
    I was thinking it might of been the ph level being off.
    I'm just using tap water for right now, this week end I'll buy a ph tester and what not from my local grow show.
    And for temputures with the lights on its around upper 70's 80 at the most.
    And when the lights off I'm getting around 68 degrees f'
  10. I got a Milwaukee ph600 to replace my 100 dollar POS I was recommended at a hydro shop in Buffalo.

    It's not the most accurate at +/- .2 but for a soil grower it's good enough. Definitely better than litumus paper. And it cost a quarter of what my other tester did and has lasted twice as long. Just don't forget the calibration solution.
  11. Alright thanks for the input, I'll have to see what my shop has in stock.
    One of my last grows I just used a liquid aquarium ph tester, It wasn't the best but it got the job done, good bang for the buck only paid $3 and change for it.
    But I wanna go more professional with this grow, once this grow is completed I'm going to drop $800 for a complete set up from my hydro shop.
    I still have awhile to go though haha:confused_2:
  12. You probably already know, but if you leave your water out overnight its PH will drop a little, my plants had the same appearance as yours with the yellowing and this helped alot.
  13. Oh damn, I didn't know that ill have to do that.
    I used to fill up a hawaiian punch bottle with water and treat it to ph level I needed and it would supply my plant with ready to go water for 2+ weeks.
  14. There are lots of good reasons to age your water and some bad ones too.

    Pros: Any chlorine will eventually evaporate out. Chlorine is bad for your micro life which is what makes your soil alive.

    Sediment will settle on the bottom lowering your PPM if you use the water near the top without disturbing the crap on the bottom.

    I think the pH lowering would have something to do with the above, but don't quote me on that.

    The only bad thing is the dissolved oxygen plummets. Without oxygen, your roots won't grow as fast as they could. This can be fixed with an airstone and pump, or just vigorous shaking: the more bubbles you can make the better.
  15. Thats a good idea, I'm just too lazy to invest in proper PH equipment so thats what I've been doing ever since I noticed the problem

    akhans: Good point about the oxygen, I've been looking for my aquarium pump for it.

    Doesn't hydrogen peroxide help deliver more oxygen to roots? Could you add a tablespoon of that to the water, or something?
  16. I've heard of H peroxide to get rid of root rot and algae, never as an oxygen supplement. Doesn't mean it can't be, just not something I've heard.
  17. Grow Like a Pro: The Marijuana Advantage - Dana Larsen - Google Books

    That link is to a book that you can read online, and it says that it should work. I don't know how much oxygen would actually be added though, so I can't say it would be beneficial, although the author of the book seems fond of using it for both soil and hydro grows.

    I always thought it would be poisonous to plants and people if consumed, guess not though. (says to use 35% btw, not 3% that would contain stabilizers)
  18. Thanks for all the information guys, ill have to make some sort of experiment
    with letting tap water sit out and test it day to day for the ph levels, and figure out how much the ph lowers every 24 hours.
    & next time I water my babies I will shake up the water to try to get some extra oxygen. :smoke:
    Oh and I will upload some more pictures of the seedlings when I get home from work tomorrow.
  19. Ha yea dude your thread is turning into an information resource now

    Sounds good and keep us updated, the ph-lowering-measuring test would be pretty useful to someone like me who doesn't have their ph meter yet
  20. Haha yeah it is, people can learn something while watching cannabis grow.
    Hell, I learned a lot from posting this from all ya'll spreading your knowledge. :ey:

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