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  1. Well I've been lingering around this site for a while now and just recently decided to make an account and start offering my opinion, and now I would like to get some return, haha. So here it is my own grow journal, since I was so skeptical in posting and starting my journal, my plants are already 1 week and 6 days into flowering and all the males have revealed themselves and have been removed from the garden. So now I am left with my four female's all from bagseed and all very different in growth, color, height, and bushyness. Overall I am quite pleased with the results and have been investing time and effort in this for almost 3 months now.

    Experience- 1 outdoor grow completed this summer with plant's reaching height's of 10 feet planted directly in soil by a creek with all day sunlight.

    1 attempted indoor hydro grow with a friend, we ended up with one female and one male and it pollinated the female and we got seeded bud, we were truly amatuer's.

    My setup- T.V. stand that I built myself with the dimension's of 4ft high by 4ft long by 2ft deep. I have all the walls painted white inside, and the ceiling is covered entirely in mylar. The bucket's which have hydroton at the bottom's for drainage are all placed in 2 low rise tote's which contain excess runoff and debris. There is a fan seperately cooling the ballast for my 400w HPS and a fan constantly blowing on the plant's themselves.

    Soil- Miracle Grow Organic Soil with a mix of Miracle Grow Perlite and store brand vermiculite.

    Pot's- In this stage I have already completed my final transplant and they are resting in about 3 1/2 gallon pot's.

    Nute's- Hesi Grow/Bloom which I am now using full strength Hesi Bloom with a 23-24-29 NPK. I also include SuperVit in all regular feeding's.

    Water pH- Constant at about 6.2-6.6

    Temperature and Humidity- around 80 degree's F with a humidity of about 30-40%

    Foliar- Just water that has been pH corrected.

    Light Cycle- 12/12 regulated with timer and light proof room

    And here's the best part picture's of the setup and the grow itself, ahhhh.

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  2. sorry about the shitty pic's, new to come with a dig camera(the batteries were dead and I literally couldn't wait for advice and help) next time there is anything new to report.
  3. If I finally put the time in to start a journal and set up all the pictures and reveal my precious grow space at least someone can show some interest...I mean i've personally never seen the T.V. stand done and it's already passed a rigorous ammount of test's from exterminator's to home appraisor's.
  4. Hey Mate Wicked Idea You Have Yourself Some Nice Ladys There Best Of Luck Mate :)
  5. Does that soil mix work pretty good?? cuz I got the same stuff....I took all the bark out cuz their was so much!
  6. :Dfirst off im excited to finally get some response's.

    The soil mix that I have running work's quite well, it did have quite a lot of bark in it, sometimes i used a small piece to stand up sproutlings:p

    Overall it dries quickly, it has good drainage, it has the properties of basically a soil less mix. The only nutrients it really get's are the one's I feed it, and the plant's have been on full strength nute's since they were under nuted early off in the beginning.

    Also I noticed these weird looking nat's last night they were flying around real low near the soil, I've only seen 2. Any suspect's?
  7. You're right, we are pretty much at the exact same stage!

    And you plants look as leggy as most of mine do too!

    my next "real" round will be vegged under CFL's really close to the plants, I don't plan on vegging under the hps ever again, cfl's are easier to keep em short with, but I had to try it anyways...

    your cabinet is pretty slick, what are you planning for odor control and how much air you got going through that bad boy?
  8. lookn good man, a little tall maybe - they blow up during budding I guess but hey if u got room do it up!!! looking awesome tho I love seeing big ass plants like that - really healthy!!! GL :D
  9. I tied down some of my taller plants when they got really leggy, not full blown lst, just tied the tops
  10. I will have some new pic's as soon as I steal all the batteries in all my remote's to power my energy sucking Dig Camera. Although the plant's pictured are really just beginning flowering, it has been almost a week and a half and the only difference in growth has been fucking flower's everywhere even every single little undergrowth has pistils errupting from the center. And as for height i tilted the bucket's of the tallest one's at about 45degree angle and they are growing sideway's almost it's pretty neat and the yeild is allegedly supposed to increase somehow from it too??:D
  11. yo, where's the pics?


    and why not get yourself some lithium batteries for your cam, well worth the extra expense...
  12. Strait Up Bump.:hello: and pic's are uploading as this post hit's.
  13. sexy bitch's:smoking:

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  14. maybe some better picture's will get some response:devious:

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  15. looks tasty.

    those are some beautiful plants you have there, mate.
    keep it up.

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