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  1. hows it

    im just gearing up for my outside grow....last year i only ended up with one plant out of 20...this year is going to be different......i hope......

    i germinated my seeds in wet kitchen towel thats in a air tight container whitch is kept in the hot water cupboard...

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  2. after there germinated there put into potting mix and put under my 400 mh light in my veg area........

    i intend to veg my outside plants for over 2 months and to train them with lst during that time........

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  3. Really looking forward to you having great success. Your posts/journals have helped me and lots others I'm sure. Much luck mate . .

  4. thanks Gg........glad i can help....laters jay
  5. hows it

    well things didnt go to plan there....it was to cold for the plants and i had to move my veg area....then i had a shit load of males turn up so im a bit behind but not too bad as we had a -5 frost last week.......ive got 3 plants sexed and planted out.....ill get pics soon and explane more ....laters jay

    adit grammer
  6. Thinkin bout trying an outdoor grow myself next year!
    Ill be keepin my eye on this ;)
    Good luck thc!
  7. living outside the city sucks, i need to move out to the country. i think you will do extremely good with this one J. you still got some time to put them in, unless youre trying to get in atleast 6 mos till harvest? and that would be one heck of crop no matter what way you look at it :)
  8. hows it

    where ever you live it will have its pros and cons dread...

    im just a little later than i wanted to be .... :smoking: ....but yeh they will have 6 months of growing...laters
  9. So wish I had a place to do an outside grow after seeing the massive plants and buds from direct sunlight. Mine got chewed up lol. Can't wait to see some inspiration . .

  10. dude gg man i know what you are talking about i have been scouting the woods for the past like 3 weeks now. i got my self the best place. this upcoming spring its going down i got my gps set and everything. hopefulyl it will be the jamn. mister jay best of luck my friend, best of luck. peace -lex
  11. Hi

    ive got some pics for ya

    first two are the entrance to our spot

    then a couple of shots of the 4 girls and our sight and a couple of shots of the area

    i better give you some back ground info.....ok the spot isnt far from my house and its next to a river.....plants are in compost and under neith is dead rabbits and a lamb under them its sort a sandy....good after noon sun....

    threats....i think the spot wont be found by man....no trail to it,well coverd......we saw a rabbit had doug into the compost but didnt touch the plants :eek: .....possoms are a threat.......the river has been known to flood :( .....but its handy to water.....


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  12. sweet spot man! how far are you from your closes neighbor?
  13. Hi

    CD....very cold in winter sking fields are an hours drive and summer can get pritty hot 35 - 38c.....

    dread nearist neighbour is about 1/2 a k....old couple got about 12 sheep..dont now why he doesnt seem to eat them like i do mine :confused: ....and theres a house to the back of this one a bit closer maybe...laters
  14. Didn't know you kept sheep! How many you got?

    Any idea what the old guy does with his sheep?! :eek: Ever heard any 'strange noises' (not that you're in Wales or anything, but you never know...).
  15. **LOL**

    HI arseface long time no see......how did your out side plants go?????you must of pulled them by now?????

    lambs....i had 4 but 2 died...there unwanted or mother less...i will kill skin them and gut them my self in 9 months time.....best meat i ever had....

  16. Hoes it..

    pics of the girls........the tallest was about 2 and a half foot tall already...there looking nice and healthy.....there was 5 but i think a rabbit took 1 basterd has been digging around in the soil........hasnt touch the others :confused: .......he can bugger of any time he wants...i tied them down so you are seeing befor and after pics....anyway heres the pics.....laters a very stoned and drunk jay...

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  17. Thought i had better post pics befor the i had to do a search for the journal......lol

    we are only days away befor the longest day....spring wasnt real good(some days upto 28c) and summer has got worst ...we got the fire on now and there is snow on the hills(600m aprox and todays high was 15c)...WTF.....oh well works out well for my inside grows....lol..

    laters jay.

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  18. shit those pics are bad ...i will get some better ones for ya..
  19. That is some nice lookin herb you got gownin there mate. :D

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