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T Check 2

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Nematode128, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Just received a tcheck 2 as a gift and excited to try it out! Has anyone owned/used one? How's your experience been with it?
  2. Mine was horribly inaccurate.
    Never got a single believable reading from it.
    I believe chlorophyll fools it, and that it reads more than just cannabinoids.

    Some fan leaves were tested at about 30% thc.
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  3. Weird . It has fantastic reviews all over the internet. What infusions did you try testing with it?
  4. I tried an oil infusion, an alcohol infusion, and a fan leaf infusion.
    None of the readings was believable, and most were too high by a factor of 4-8.
    The very high reading for the fan leaf alcohol infusion (~ 40% thc) was especially troubling, because it makes me think t-check reads more than just cannabinoids, and is fooled by chlorophyll.

    I have a lab background, and the measurements are fairly easy, so I didn't screw this up.
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  5. 4-8 what?
  6. And this was with the T check 2? I did some searching on another forum and there were reviews of it saying it got within the 10%
  7. tCheck2
    I've seen those same reviews

    I might've gotten a lemon, but tCheck measures how much light of particular wavelengths is absorbed by the sample.
    I strongly suspect that other things (especially chlorophyll ?) absorb those same wavelengths, and cause false readings.
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  8. I would have hit up their customer service or something. Maybe it was just a defect or something. I'll probably be making butter and coconut oil within the next week or so, so I'll report back with how my device works
  9. I emailed them twice, but they offered no solution.
    I've been too lazy to pursue it further.
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  10. I would like to see some of these reviews. I will wait until they do a few more versions with a few more options before I purchase.
  11. I don't blame you lol I emailed customer service the same question and got two way different answers so it doesn't seem like they're the most knowledgeable ‍♂️

    I tried an oil infusion the other day, got an "over". Tried their 0.5ml infused : 1ml base dilution ratio, still over... Emailed customer service about it once and they recommended a ratio of 0.5ml infused to 4ml base but were trying to tell me that I'd wanna multiple the reading by 5 to get the undiluted content. Didn't really make sense to me being that it's 4 times as diluted as their suggestion so I emailed them back to see if that's what they meant to say and someone else messaged back and said to divide the infused by the base to get the number to multiply the reading by. Whatever lol I'm just going to guess that if I use their 0.5:4ml ratio to multiply the reading by 12 since that would make sense if it's 4 times their dilution ratio.

    Do you remember if you had to dilute your samples and what ratio did you use?
  12. If you're reading this to decide to buy it or not: DO NOT BUY the TCheck device without emailing their support staff first with the exact way you make your infusions. This device will not work for 99% of people making Infusions based on what they learn online. The key word on their website that they don't explain is that it only works on ISOLATED infusions.

    TCheck is a piece of crap. I compared the results of 5 different infusions that I had Professional Lab tested and it's completely inaccurate for the normal way people make Infused Coconut oil or anything else it claims to test. I went back and forth in email with their support and they fall back on their disclaimers.

    NOTE: It only works with an ISOLATED infusion. Meaning, you need to ISOLATE the THC or CBD. No other cannabinoids or terpenes can be in the infusion. So if you use decarbed flowers or use Lecithin as a binding agent the numbers are complete CRAP. They won't even provide any instructions on how the infusion is supposed to be done to get accurate readings. The reviews are all B.S. I went round and round with their support team for 3 weeks and never got a straight answer. Only excuses that to get any real readings using normal extraction that it requires their flower kit and a 2-step process. It's so unreliable and their online marketing is very deceiving.

    The company is in California. If enough people write and complain to the California Department of Consumer Affairs and the California State Attorney Generals office and file a BBB complaint, it will help everyone else from being fools. Their return policy sucks. They make you pay return shipping and delay support tickets long enough that it takes over 30 days to get a refund return approved and then they try and stick you with a 20% restocking fee on top of it. I think that's their business model. People think they are making the BOMB infusions but their numbers are WAY OFF!

    I use a Nova Decaralizer and a Magic Butter Machine and my infusions test great at a local lab but I wanted the tCheck for small batches but it's useless and the company is a scam.

    Direct message me if you want more details. I have a complete email thread from them. They could care less that it's inaccurate. They use Medium for their website don't even have a phone number listed that I could find.
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  13. My tCheck never worked right.
    It reads chlorophyll as if it were cannabinoids.
    I've been too lazy to pursue dealing with the company, other than a couple emails that they dealt with unsatisfactorily.
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  14. Yep, they pretty much blew me off when I asked them for a step by step process of how to make an oil infusion that would get an accurate reading. You have to Isolate the THC. Pretty much impossible without special equipment. They need to include the flower kit in the regular price. That device is a POS.
  15. Gag gift at best
  16. Save your money big ripoff

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