T-breaks? We dont need no stinkin T-Breaks!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jdahms, May 25, 2010.

  1. So I was supposed to start a 2 week T break today. I've been smoking a lot recently and wasn't really getting high anymore.

    Well I went to pick up from my dude last night and he had some super dank kush.

    Best buds I've ever seen, hands down. Im afraid to even touch it because im scared of how many trichs are going to come off the buds.

    Well after smoking a bowl of this stuff, I'm higher than I've been in years. Was totally awesome marijauna had completely lost its magic to me until I smoked these buds.

    So naturally I said "fuck my T break give me a half of this stuff"

    you dont need to take T breaks, you just need to find some danker chron:smoke:

    I dont know what kind of responses im hoping to get by posting this, Im just really really high for the first time in MONTHS and wanted to share:D
  2. Nice :D
    i havent had a t-break in years. I went on a tbreak with my dad for a week but by bad luck both had shitty, stressful weeks and we just thought....fuck this. time for a spliff :D:smoke:
  3. I love how u used that line of Blazing Saddels!!!

    Badges??? We dont need no stinking Badges!! +rep


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