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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokereport, May 6, 2011.

  1. So I'm doing my first T-Break since I started burning again over a year ago. Last I smoked was Sunday morning. My lungs are feeling great (making me rethink buying a vape or the very least cut way down on the blunts) and I'm coughing out all of my black plugs.

    Can't wait until May 31. That's for sure. But I feel great overall
  2. Five days in, nice job buddy. I took a three month t-break last year, the first few days weren't necessarily hard, just moderately uninteresting. The urge to smoke wore off after two weeks, I think the worst part for me was just completely forgetting what being high felt like, I missed it to death.
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    Yeah. Boredom is the worst part. I am no longer amused just sitting there staring at a TV. Been hitting the gym and stuff to keep the day going...but each day takes FOREVER now. I'll miss it for sure until the next time, but it'll be really nice to be able to get crazy high again without eating it.
  4. Dude, I didn't smoke today at all and I feel I'm on a break already, coodles to you friend.
  5. Dont get me wrong...I have been an absolute jerk for these days...but I'm an a-hole to begin with. MJ just hides those traits. :)
  6. iv been on break for 5 months tomorrow, i can't believe i lasted this long.
    what Sshack said is true the urge wheres off pretty qiuck.
    But it is semi-official that I will be smoking TOMORROW!!! I can''t wait
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    You definitely deserve it for that long of a break. Kudos dude, good luck finding some fantastic dank.

    No judgement, but why so long of a break? Just getting things in order?

    I do use MJ to self medicate though. Before I started smoking again (hadn't smoked from 2002-2009), I had a sudden onset of anxiety disorder. Was on high doses of all sorts of "legal" drugs to try and control it. Lots of zoloft, klonopin, Ativan, Lexapro...the list kept going and I was taking those for years. Bud leveled me out and helped me through the most emotionally devastating year of my life.
  8. I've been on a t-break for the last week and my biggest problem was not being able to fall asleep. That was terrible, but afterward it was smooth sailing. If you want to beat the boredom get Netflix and watch Trailer Park Boys. Before you know it you'll have been watching TV for six hours and will have strange urges to say "about" like "aboot"
  9. well im in my senior year of college and my grades have been pretty bad so idk, i guess it was like a turning point. i needed to get my grades up and i had been smoking twice a day , and it was becoming too much. but now that im finished with all my finals so im in the clear.
    oh and its official, my guy just called me back and he has the hook-up
    he's going to smoke me out lol
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    I had never heard of TPB until I watched Jorge Cervantes' videos. Right after that, we watched it all from episode 1 to the last movie. That was just a month ago. The only thing I got stuck saying was "that's fucked".
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    Good deal brother. Burn one for the rest of us breakers
  12. So my break continues...

    Things were going good. Then this week a lot of stuff got stirred up with the death of a very very close family member from almost a year ago. Then today, my wife was laid off of work.

    What a difference a single blunt would make right now.
  13. 9.5 months without a single drug in my body. 3 more months and ill be flyinggg
  14. tokereport,
    dam bro im sorry for you man, if you need something to get it of your mind off it you know you can still drink. thats what helped me get threw my break, it wasn't exactly a t-break but same struggle
    hang in there bro, and how long do you plan to go for?
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    I was just going for a lil bit. Ended up at 2 weeks. My lungs were hurting from blunt after blunt. I felt perfect health when I blazed up again, so it was worth it. And mids got me wasted. I was at an O every 3 weeks of kronic. I'm smoking pretty conservative now...1 King J lasts 2 days
  16. I don't really see why you would take a t-break longer than a month or so. If you eat right and exercise doesn't the thc get out of your body with the fat burned? It seems true to me atleast, I've taken several 1 month tbreaks and after that month the first time I smoke I get stoned like no other.
  17. im about to cum out of a 5 month t break to morro its gonna be fun

  18. My grades improved once i started toking 2x a day i wentt from being a C- (51-60) average to B (73-78)

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