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T Break.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by slappersonly, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Just broke a month long T break with a blunt of headies. :smoking:
  2. i really need to take a T break soon. i was thinking maybe a week or so. I smoke a lot, roughly a gram per day. And i have started to notice that my eyes don't even get red anymore. has this happened to anyone else?:confused:

  3. a gram a day? Haha.. you'll find on here that's not too much. :p

    But yes... when I first started smoking my eyes would get soooo red, now not at all. So, yes its very normal. I need a t-break too. :(

    OP: was the break worth it?
  4. Yes man. 1 month is a lot of time, it will diminish your tolerence.
  5. im bout to finish these 6gs i got left.. and then break for like 2 weeks, save up money and then just get some goood shit
  6. hell yeah man, love your sig, " scuse me before i kiss the sky " haha. to any stoner who smokes everyday or feels like they need to get stoned for any reason: take a t-break! it will put your life in perspective. unless your work for high times or some kind of dispensary in california or a shop in amsterdam, weed should not steer your emotions. if you smoke everyday or when you are down or bored, you may find it impossible have fun without it! do not get into this dillema! peace out blaze to the sky people!!!

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