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  1. Well blades im going on my first tolerane break in over a year....One week, Wish me luck! haha:cool:
  2. Don't expect too much change in your tolerance in just a week.
  3. It took me like two weeks to get used to the sober life, and even then, I still pined away to get stoned for like a month after that until I finally got used to sobriety and stopped trying to structure everything I did around "if I was stoned I'd..."

    For the boredom you're gonna suffer you might as well go three weeks or even a month or so. One week isn't going to bring your tolerance down all that much.

    On a related note, I'm ending my tolerance break next week! Last time I smoked was a couple bong hits in October, and before that I hadn't smoked for about a month.

    I am excited.

  4. ?

    not only will you experience a major change in high if you're a daily multiple time user... but youll experience a shift from even not smoking during the whole day, if you normally are multiple times.

    like from multiple times a day - 1 a day, after over loooong months long use, was so great.

    OP. i would recommend cutting your daily amount of bowls in half / or by a huge chunk each day intil you're down the a small bowl that gets u baked.
    this will avoid the withdrawl your SURELY gonna experience, and will atleast allow you to eat and get food in your stomach.
    god knows this is how im gonna cut down my usuage soon
  5. I've taken many breaks from smoking (not necessarily for the sake of tolerance) and one week didn't make much difference at all and I smoke every day. Same thing with my wife since every time I've taken breaks, she has.
    In addition, most people I know that have take tolerance breaks don't notice much of a difference in their tolerance unless they hold off for at least a couple weeks.

    If it helps your tolerance, that's great. I wish I only had to wait a week. Unfortunately, for most, it takes longer.

    Damn man, breaks sure are a different experience for you. I don't experience any withdraw type symptoms. I recently took a week off for the first time in over a year while I was visiting family for the holidays. I gotta say, it was pretty easy to go the whole week without smoking.
  6. Really just doing it more for me to see if i can....so far so good its rough but i when i start to get a craving i just do something to get my mind off it

  7. This. You'd need to quit a few months to really see a change. Good luck regardless.

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