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T break...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Super Man, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. I've smoked for about 4 years, and out of those years I've smoked everyday for about 2. I got in trouble with the law (for a completely different thing) and I had to quit. The night before I had to quit I smoked all my keif and all my bud (so I wouldn't have any to smoke) got super baked :smoking: I'm going strong on 2 1/2 weeks :hello: first couple days sucked, couldn't sleep, everything was dull, I wanted to smoke so bad. But now it's not bad, kind of cool being sober. But I can't wait until I can hit the bong again :D gonna get soooo stoned.
  2. Enjoy the soberness bro. It isn't as bad as some make it out to be, and like you said, it can be enjoyable.
  3. good luck! and remember that the next hit you take your gonna get high as fuck so thats something to look forward too
  4. Yes an abrupt transition into sobriety can be a little jarring at first, and in many ways I think the human brain functions better w/ some THC, but I'd have to say that certain parts of your thinking process go neglected if you do it all the time. I know now when I'm bored and have no smoke I'm alot more proactive/creative in terms of writing, reading, etc.

    Life is a balancing act that way.
  5. I think what keeps people smoking is more than the high itself. It's the whole using your hands thing. the smelling it, breaking it up, putting in the grinder, rolling it, lighting it, inhaling. All that becomes a habit.

    I've been starting/stopping t-breaks over the last week or so. Seems like a get through a day and a half, and by that second night i'm ready to smoke again. Gonna try to officially stop on march 7th, and see how long I can go without buying it. Technically I don't want to quit smoking, just quit buying so much. I'm not gonna be a mooch and bum off my friends everytime I want to smoke but If they offer it, I won't pass it up.
  6. Yup certainly some truth to that.

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